Monday, December 17, 2007

L’Air du Temps

Olivier Theyskens

Olivier Theyskens

Image: Olivier Theyskens (Belgian, b. 1977) for Nina Ricci (French, founded 1932). Evening Dress, spring/summer 2007. Steel gray heat-crinkled silk organza embroidered with linear chain stitch in white silk. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Gift of Mario Grauso, 2007 (2007.376.2a, b).

For his inaugural collection at Nina Ricci, Olivier Theyskens referenced not only the archives of the house’s faintly recalled eponymous founder but also her perfume, L’Air du Temps, with its two doves hovering above the bottle of swirling crystal. Inspired by the contained yet dynamic movement of the Lalique crystal flacon, Theyskens created a series of spiraling ensembles, from knitted sweaters to structured, couture-worthy ball gowns. As in his earlier work, under his own label and most recently for Rochas, Theyskens infused feminine and romantic designs with contemporary edge and relevance. This gown was shown on the runway without the elaborate, expansive support of its underskirts, thus muting its reference to the Golden Age of postwar haute couture. Here, however, it is displayed in its full, crinolined form as originally conceived.

Clearly, Theyskens is an artist of ambition, proposing as ready-to-wear the most extraordinary achievements of an atelier. The fashion press and merchants have coined the term “demi-couture” to encompass this category of works that falls between prêt-a-porter and haute couture. It is apparent in this gown, however, that the boundaries between couture’s world of labor-intensive handwork and lavish artisanal skills and ready-to-wear’s arena of creative suppleness and sensitivity to the mood of the contemporary woman have eroded. With his breathtaking vision and technique, Theyskens has successfully negotiated the elegance of the venerable past and the streetwise worldliness of the moment.

In the very first days when I started designing for Nina Ricci, I drew this dress. It came out naturally for me as the right expression of the brand. I wanted this grand gown to be made of rough-looking fabric in an urban gray and entirely ruffled. My aim was to bring a sort of twisting movement all over the dress that would spiral upward and at the level of the waist, like wings, it would take off like a bird.

I found in Nina Ricci a French house with unlimited abilities in the crafting of garments, whose atelier skills offer many possibilities to invent new techniques and also to research new shapes. My thoughts were therefore focused on working with the atelier immediately when I arrived.

—Olivier Theyskens

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  1. Schwartz, Joerg Mr. Says:

    Fabulous, wish I could try it on.

  2. fashionholic Says:

    Oliver Theysjens has a lot to prove to the world after filling the place after Lars Nilsson. With this dress I really think that he shows that he’s got just the ability to do that!! amazing!

  3. nikki trizza Says:

    Olivier Theyskens’ work at Nina Ricci is some of the most visually stimulating design I’ve ever seen. Love it love it love it!

  4. Calvine Says:

    Olivier Theyskens’ gown was absolutely breathtaking - my favorite of the show. it was full of light and movement even while frozen behind glass. The commentary was brilliant - particularly the “ready to wear” comment. Fantastic!

  5. Kerry Gibbons Says:

    Honestly, I’m not a total fan of this. The frivolity of it, the overt flamboyancy of the pleating is just not aesthetically pleasing to me. It’s very BIG.

  6. Gloria Guinness Says:

    Extraordinary dress, the sort of extravagant Winterhalterish creation that Dior would have made for Thelma Chrysler Foy. On the spectrum of fashion, from utilitarian to fantasy, this particular gown hits that sweet spot of outrageousness. It’s a one-wearing wonder, obviously, made for staircase descents. Backward glancing, obviously, but the heat-crinkled fabric makes everything old new again, no?

  7. ATV. Says:

    I think what’s particularly great about this dress is how it’s exemplary of fashion’s ability to be more than just a garment - this is a sculpture. Even better, it is one that takes inspiration (a bird, the history of Nina Ricci) and translates it clearly into something magical. Fashion is obviously much more than just clothing, but Theyskens was able to raise this garment up to the level of a piece of art while still creating something that is wearable, modern, and beautiful. The form is almost architectural, but in a softer way than some of the avant-garde’s painfully literal take on fashion as art. Some designers like think that art and fashion never mix, but I think they’re never truly separate.

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    It is very poofy. It quite reminds me of clouds and churning ocean water. He definately had nature and couture on his mind when he made this beautiful creation. I love it!

  9. Lori Ettlinger Gross Says:

    What I love best about this garment is it’s ability to transform the space around the body. Whether you move to the right or left, the dress will take on an eloquent shape each time, and all those wonderful frills will succumb to every breeze, redefining the vision of the woman, and yet sculpting her silhouette in a most feminine and flattering way.

    The color, too, is an interesting choice. A gunmetal hue with a neutrality that emboldens its overwhelmingly flirtatious character without lending to it any saccharine value whatever.

  10. Lau Says:

    I want to have this design!!! It is really pretty, I think that is like a cloud of a storm.

  11. Yo Says:


  12. Laura Says:

    Absolutely stunning. Although in response to the other bloggers, I have to say that I dislike ascribing meaning or depth to fashion in the same way you would poetry or extremely good art. Yes, it’s an art form, yes it takes skill and time, but to me it’s more primitive than esoteric.

  13. hunter abrams Says:

    fantasy fashion at it’s best, love olivier for rochas and now even more for nina ricci. this dress represents the melding of the aesthetics of nina ricci and olivier perfectly, both very romantic but at the same time modern, and not not mention quite gorgeous

  14. Kindra Gaudette Says:

    I thought that this dress was beautiful, and that even though it is poof. I think that the way that the fabric is draped gives the dress shape and body, and makes it so beautiful. I love it, no matter what.

  15. scrli Says:

    i love this! wish it were mine..

  16. Pedro Guilloty Says:

    a beautiful case of a designer that understands compellingly the dance between volume and drama. In a way it also follows in the steps of many of his past big volume wonders at both his former eponymous line and that of Rochas. The great ballgown is clearly the jewel in couture and in that arena, Thyksens is right there with (in my opinion)the two other dream merchants of this kind of grament: John Galliano and Alexander McQueen

  17. Margherita Says:

    Who says fashion is not a form of art? This is art, and as a piece of art it is unique and handmade.

  18. giancinephile Says:

    Olivier Theyskens has that ability to bring about that sense of ethereal wonder with the clothes. Every time I see his collections, I feel euphoric in a sense that you seem to be in some other reality far away from the harsh realities of everyday life.

    Fashion transcends its function with this piece. Fashion always has that power to bring out and let us actualize our innermost desires and fantasies.

  19. Sarah Says:

    Olivier Theyskens’ ball gown is ingenious, voluminous, intricate and stunning. It could suggest so many lovely associations — flowers, birds, clouds, water — but the grey color is a serious, if not fatal. flaw. If you’ve ever shoveled ashes out of a fireplace, you know what I mean. It looks just like a heap of ashes. I love grey in fashion, but not here. What was he thinking?

  20. Marge and Jennie Says:

    Just because something is featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art does not mean that it is worthy of pretentious commentary. This is an example of the Costume Institute’s tendency to showcase clothes that were never worn nor meant to be worn and are instead some manifestation of the designer’s ego. Unlike the pre-1950s fashions, which were actually worn by real people and from which we can learn about past society, this will be meaningless for future ages.

  21. giancinephile Says:

    Couture pieces of clothing could also be considered the clothes that live in an invory tower in the fashion realm.

  22. karen b Says:

    This really is a fine example of clothing as art. The curves and ruffles do a lovely job of echoing the original flacon in which ‘Air du Temps was first introduced to the public. I cannot imagine the work that went into shaping this dress. And I disagree with those who object to Theyskens’ choice of grey–it’s a good counterpoint to the dress’ ultra-feminine lushness (and requires only bare shoulders and diamond chandelier earrings). To have done this dress in red or deep pink would have been unhappily predictable. The grey is elegant, sophisticated, reins this dress in just enough….

  23. Diane Says:

    it’s gorgeous, luscious, and i think the gray is what makes it new/special. would be too ‘quinceanera’ or bridal in white or a pastel; too funereal in a dark color, and too tawdry in red or a jewel tone. gray is perfect.

    it does not, however, look “ready to wear.” pret-a-porter is supposed to be about realistic, wearable women’s clothing, and this seems rather large and ornate for that.

  24. Alexis Says:

    This dress is exquisite it is amazing what Mr. Theyskens has brought to the Nina Ricci label. His taste in fabric and asthetic are amazing as well as the way he brings a garment to life.

  25. Sabrina Michaeli Says:

    Olivier Theyskens is the best thing that could have happened to Nina Ricci. Though the fashion house has already established its legend-status, it needed a breath of fresh air to take it from its ’80s fame and make it relevant today. I love his designs, and his artistic talent is evident not only in this beautiful Haute Couture gown, but also in his simplest ready-to-wear designs. A simple walk through Bloomingdales in the Nina Ricci section is transformed into a candy-store for the eyes.

  26. elana Says:

    What a phenomenal wedding dress this would be for a modern woman! In grey? Absolutely!

  27. J.C Says:

    Wow…..this reminds me of the tempest.

  28. Lynne Says:

    Striding the clouds…

  29. spellingwitch Says:

    Simply stunning. Can’t wait to come see it.

  30. angeli sion Says:

    At first, when I read the blurb for this exhibition I was a little wary of the whole concept, since it seem a little forward for the Met…but I think it really works. This dress is absolutely gorgeous, but I don’t think this picture online does it justice!

  31. L.A. Consing-Lopez Says:

    Absolutely breathtaking! Seeing such craftsmanship outside haute couture in his day and age confirms that wonderful talent and artistry is neither a thing of the past or reserved only for a select few.

  32. Mian Says:

    Wow! I have never been that interested in fashion but this is amazing! The time it must have taken, and the workman ship. This dress reminds we of a chilly whispy night.

  33. Ashlee Says:

    if you fell into water in this dress, you’d probably drown.
    its not at all practical.

  34. ash Says:

    this dress is like a rainbow
    before the rain has stopped
    the colors have no color
    from the bottom to the top
    if all the rain
    went down a drain
    they’d make a stain
    this dress looks like that mop

  35. Amy Says:

    this dress is utterly amazing. I have never seen anything quite like it before. Costumes are pretty cool to wear during a musical or play, but i’m not sure how someone could go about randomly to a party and wear that dress. I personally would be tripping in the dress and eventually fall down and probably rip it. This is why I would never wear anything like this because if i did, I would rip it to shreds just by walking a few blocks. But really, magnificant!

  36. august Says:


  37. StyleCoach Says:

    The mysterious color, the fantasy of the pleating, the dreams it conjures in your head as you imagine wearing such a gown to an event far from normal…that’s why I love fashion.

  38. Maggie Says:

    I think this dress may become a classic, thanks to the tension among the airy ruffles, their rising spirals, the full skirt held in by the light band around the torso and the ashy color. I believe that this is a dress that a real person can wear, as opposed to so many couture dresses in which a real person simply disappears.

  39. Maurina Says:

    like millefeuille!

    absolutely gorgeous!

  40. Isabel Says:

    A cascade of triumph and celebration. If it were to walk to a theme song I believe I would play “I Saved the World Today” by Eurythmics. Soft but powerful and quite confident and content.

  41. ashley Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRESS……:D++++++

  42. Denise Says:

    I love this dress it is elegant and the frills really add an air to it. The fabric makes the dress look very pretty.

  43. Gabby and Eva Says:

    Confusing, but very exquisite in laymen’s term i will never fit into it in a million years. But very pretty indeed.

  44. Saul, age 6 Says:

    I don’t like this one. It’s too wrinkly.

  45. mira Chaplin Says:

    nice, but simpler would definitely be better. Too complicated, too much fabric, too difficult to store in any space

  46. Dani Says:

    wow!!!!!!! this is a very pertty dress, but i think it went over board with the frills.

  47. mariasabina Says:

    This dress is truly beautiful and aesthetic…. it has not only the beauty of a feather but also that of a swan

  48. Denise Says:

    it’s pretty… if you’re a gothic bride. and hiding from the world. i mean… you’d have to be VERY tall and have a very distinguished face if you wanted someone to actually be able to see you in this.

  49. lolaha Says:

    Where was this dress last week when I needed it?

  50. c willow Says:

    it is exquisite to sketch, but incredibly difficult and hard to do justice.

  51. mark Says:


  52. kaylee Says:

    wow, I think I kinda love it–and hate it. great for dusting, but which way is the front?

  53. jessie cohen Says:

    Olivier Theyskens created such an amazing dress and it stands out from the rest. Similar to other dresses in the exhibit, it strikes a perfect balance between art and wearability, which is what makes it so special. The color is also perfect, and even though it is a darker shade of gray, the dress still looks ethereal and romantic.

  54. Lacey Says:

    It is pretty but in a confusing way……….My head hurts now……

  55. God Says:

    i like it…i think it’s pretty.
    except it reminds me of death

  56. julzz Says:

    Ew, I don’t like this dress. I agree with Ash that it looks like a rain mop.

  57. Laurie Aron Says:

    I agree with Karen B. that this is a true example of the dress as art, and an exception to my comment elsewhere that fashion doesn’t exist without a body. This one, I’d hang from the ceiling like a chandelier.

  58. Abby Says:

    This dress is so stunning and unique. The designer has really taken a fairly simple design and turned it into something so asthetically pleasing that it is literally an example of walking art. Brava!

  59. kaylee Says:

    its a beatiful dress

  60. m Says:


  61. yael fisher Says:

    i really enjoyed the entire exhibit, but this dress by Theyskens was my favorite. at first glance it looks like a simple poofy dress, but then you realize that it is draped in complicated ways and the way the way in which the ruffles flow is very unique. additionaly, i think the choice of color(gray) balances out the over-the-top design of the dress.

  62. werner lopez Says:

    It is amazing how rich people have some much money to waste. In the meantime there are so many people going hungry.

  63. werner lopez Says:

    why do people want so poofy dresses?

  64. emms Says:

    It is all ruffles.

  65. practical? Says:

    The Theyskens is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. It’s almost like a sponge threw up or took steroids or something… That said though, it looks like something you’d find underwater. Something cool to look at, but not to imitate.

  66. Liza Says:

    Three cheers for the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art!!!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

  67. Darlene Eklou Says:

    This dress is like the dresses that are in fashion shows that are just to look at and appreciate, but not to wear.

  68. Leslie Says:

    Aesthetically, it’s gorgeous to look at, certainly high fashion as art, and the workmanship of the seamstresses is awesome (in the correct sense of the word); but you’d have to be built like a giraffe to actually wear it. It would flatter only the tallest of women, and if you’re already curvy, the bodice won’t be doing you any favors. But it also looks like it belongs on the pouffy-dressed dolls my grandmother used to use to discreetly cover her spare roll of toilet paper!

  69. Suzanne Says:

    ingenious!!!!!!! :-)

  70. Eliza Says:

    Its really BIG, and i wish i could try it on. its almost like art you can wear,so who would want to wear something like that.

  71. clara Says:

    Omg what a fun dress. Love the design and detail, but it is way to big, I wonder how much it would cost!

  72. fj Says:

    Beautiful! It has that smokey used and ruffled toilet paper look.
    Was that the intention?

  73. Isabel Says:

    it’s amazing to imagine the lifestyle of the wearer.

  74. Moo Says:

    The kind of dress every girl dreams of owning.

  75. Nancy Marie Says:

    This is extremely over the top extravagance! I think it to be perfect!

  76. Mandingo Says:

    This is a fluffy number

  77. Laura Says:

    I think l’air du temps is really original

  78. Valerie Says:

    Pure brilliance! I love it!

  79. Rachel Says:

    This dress is beautifully made with many layers of fabric. I love this dress, but I am concerned how the person wearing the dress would be able to walk or even get the dress on. The designer did a magnificent job with the color, fabric, and style. The color, a shade of pale gray works beautifully with the different layers and fabric. I love it!!!!!!!!

  80. Neil Says:

    Beautiful, but can only be worn on the red carpet.

  81. Manuela Says:

    I like what I see

  82. Allison Says:

    I believe I would prefer this dress in a lighter shade of gray. The dark is so foreboding and bleak, while I believe a lighter shade would make it seem much more airy and the flutter wouldn’t remind one of an upcoming storm but as a pair of clouds dancing in the wind. This shade doesn’t remind me of a dove, but of a turkey. However I like the volume the dress creates and the folds over the bust are very flattering in their pattern.

  83. chickenpotpie Says:

    this thing is hideous!!! it looks like a dead bird. i can barely stand looking at it!!!

  84. Sarah Says:

    This dress shows a dark side with its charcoal gray color yet shows a bouncy side with its excessive ruffles and volume. This dress is a masterpiece, and does not look like a dead bird.

  85. Frannie Says:

    I like how it’s so fluffy. I don’t really mind that it’s not a pattern; I just like that it’s fluffy.

    (Seven-year-old Brooklyn public school student)

  86. Jo Says:

    This gown is simply beutiful! The design and the fluff are very chic and extravaganza! LOVE IT!!

  87. chesa Says:

    this dress is spectacular, it seems to play off of the dior oyster dress and is a response to the use of natural inspiration in fashion. this dress (which is alludes to the doves on the perfume bottle) recalls the bird dress from the anglophile exhibition, creating an interplay between flight and the airy drapery.

  88. stephi Says:

    quite abstract with a charming yet grotesque touch of elegance and class.

  89. Katti Says:

    What a gorgeous dress and a very different color. Who thought gray could be so interesting! The levels and layers are astounding. I wish I could wear this one!

  90. Jane Says:

    Luv dis dress its so awesome

  91. Marlene H Says:

    This dress looks like a Sex and the City episode where Carrie was dressing for a date with the Russian. Very elegant.

  92. Randy Says:

    This dress doesn’t look any easier to wear than the corseted fashions from the mid 19th century. Does this show that uncomfortable fashions will always come back into style after a couple of generations forget how painful they can be?

  93. Alison Says:

    I think this dress is amazing. It’s like every inch of the dress is different. Something to definitely look at for awhile. I don’t think it would be the easiest thing to throw on, but it looks worth it.

  94. zita Says:

    the most beautiful thing ever made :)

  95. aliya Says:

    so gorgeous! love the design and style. a winner! :)

  96. jondi Says:

    astounding, enrapturing folds and pleats, swirls and curving planes - loved the amazing voluminous and searing spacial divides of this dress (and others!) The Oyster dress haunts me, in a completely joyful way!

  97. Katie Says:

    I don’t really like the color or fabric on this dress. They might look better if used on something different.

  98. devon Says:

    This dress is interesting, but I <3 that it’s strapless, and looks elegant when you see it on a manican, I would wear/buy it!!!!!!

  99. devon Says:

    i spelled manikin wrong and <3= love

  100. Jenica Dragulia Says:

    This dress looks dark and mysterious but at the same time it looks fun and wild it was my favourite out of this wonderful collection

    This Dress is Drop Dead Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love it

  101. Cierra Says:

    When i first saw this dress it reminded me of ashes it was huge. i dont even know how you can function in that dress but to some extent i can see its beauty.

  102. keating Says:

    This dress looks like some-one was for some reason, wearing a giant ball which than caught on fire, and they are dressed in a huge pile of ashes. Huh?

  103. asami Says:

    this exquisit exibit has opened my eyes to the many possibilities of fashion and the change it can bring to the world. This dress in particular is extremely elegant and perhaps one of the most beautiful configurations of cloth i have seen in my evanescent life. I thank the creator of this masterpiece for enlightening me to the possibilities of clothing…particularly dresses.


  104. sue Says:

    The dress reminds me of urban soot and I wonder what is hiding underneath? Rather depressing to look at and it would be depressing to wear.

  105. caroline Says:

    This is a… weird dress. I hate it!!!!!!

  106. sofia hoyos morales Says:

    tengo 6 agnos y pienso que este vestido es lindo, fue el que mas me gusto. Es para una persona alta y con unos zapatros muy altos.

  107. rachelu Says:

    What was the designer thinking?

  108. Bekah Says:

    it reminds me of cabbage, but in a good way.

  109. kathryn Says:

    I think that both the Theyskens and Yamamoto dresses are beautiful, but would have to be scaled down in order to be worn off the runway. The Theyskens dress has a excellent silhoutte and colour which does not distract from the design. However, even if reduced in volume, it would have to be worn by a tall, slim woman. The Yamaoto dress, on the other hand, could be worn by amost anyone in any age bracket, but I think the donutlike shapes and the side sash would need to be reduced in size for the smaller woman.

    The bustle dress by Worth is also interesting and a good example of that courtier’s work. I believe in that era bustles could be collapsible which would make it easier to sit down and get up with some measure of dignity!

  110. lez Says:

    how do you wear that dress?!?!?!?

  111. nicole gilbo Says:

    Looks like a sweet lasagne dress…or maybe I’m just hungry.

  112. Joshua Cartwright Says:

    Very artisitic and frilly. Gives a kind of cloudy look to the person. I’d like to be able to find the person in the dress though.

  113. Hadley DeBello Says:

    I love the regal and elegant look of this dress as well as the amazing texture and color. It has a very modern, classical, and graceful sort of look.

  114. Emma Says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful.

  115. olivia lennon Says:

    Elegant and stylish, with many ruffles and gorgeous image. Woman would still wear that today because it is so magnificent. It is clever and may never go out of style.

  116. Gina Brake Says:

    I Like it even though it does look like the mannequin is trapped in a black giant head of lettuce. Creepy ~~~

  117. Cara Says:

    I think this dress is stylish. It is very poofy. I would like this as a wedding dress, but in a different color. I would like to meet the designer. She is very good.

  118. Caitlyn Carroll Says:

    This dress is even more stunning in person. The organza is draped in a manner even more sculptural than anything ever created from clay or marble. One has to know this dress looked even more amazing on the figure of a woman. Theyskens definitely understood the beauty of feminity when designing this gown!

    Someone who doubts fashion is art has never witnessed the art and craftsmanship of something this incredible. Every drape and fold of the fabric is in the perfect place. This dress is absolutely breathtaking.

  119. Caitlyn Carroll Says:

    This is even more stunning in person. The organza is draped and more sculptural than anything from clay or marble. Theyskens understood femininity, I suppose this dress was breathtaking on a woman.

    There is no doubt fashion is the most beautiful artform when viewing this dress.

  120. Caitlyn Carroll Says:

    So stunning, sculptural and embaces feminitiy. No doubt a woman looked perfect when wearing this gown.

  121. amanda Says:

    What Scarlett O’Hara might have put together had she grey curtains, rather than green drapes.

  122. abigail Says:

    The dress was really interesting and poofy. It made my Mom think of a head of lettuce but I think it is crazy and stunning.

  123. ed Says:

    why would we be dead?

  124. Josh Says:

    Olivier……always amazing.

  125. Maya Says:

    This dress would be perfect for me, so I adore it

  126. Seymour Ast Says:

    this dress if of beorgoise quality and is offensive to the higher classes of old europe.

  127. Maya Says:

    i think that dress is fabulous

  128. Person Says:

    It looks like a sea urchin! Sorry, but it does…

  129. Whitney Penndel Cox Says:

    Absolutley brilliant! The coarseness of the Grey meeting the lushness of mounds of gathered tulle to create an almost ethereal and airy garment is amazing. Foor a dress that is so heavy, it looks as if it would make the wearer float.

  130. sabrina hinson Says:

    this could be worn in today’s modern world. the elegance of the black dress is moderately shown.

  131. alex Says:

    The dress begs for movement and as such would have a different persona.

  132. jess&amy Says:

    whimsical, reminds me of my prom dress.

  133. CMEggplant Says:

    I thought this dress was very interesting, especially in the fact that it reminded me of a cabbage. The organic lines could also depict troubled water. I think this dress marvousley covers the wearer without becoming secretive.

  134. Isabelle Says:

    i thout this was a great drees . i wish i could were it.

  135. Sara Says:

    As a member of the fashion community, this dress caught my eye right away. I would love to have a fabulous event to wear this too! It is classy, yet sexy at the same time. Olivier Theyskens is truly impressive with the dedication and patience it took to design the uultitude of beautiful layers of grey heat-crinkled silk organza!

  136. Ilske Says:

    It’s gorgeous and I remember to have it seen in a magazine at that time. But as an evening dress I would prefer another colour as a pice of art I have thousand of impression what it could mean, in the way as the poem from ash.

  137. Justin Says:

    Theyskens is truly a genius. This dress isn’t even the most stunning thing he’s done since starting at Nina Ricci, and that’s saying something.

    I remember seeing it photographed for Vogue by Irving Penn last spring on a model with a tattered grey veil and sooty eye makeup. It’s like a cloud of smoke, and not many designers could manage making an image that dirty look so utterly romantic.

  138. bridget Says:

    I love his work even though this isn’t one of my favorites of his its obvious he is a very talented and skilled designer…

  139. James Says:

    I wonder how they marketed this color? I would have called it grotto, as it creates such attractive shadows. And the ruffles! Olivier may have not been the first to use ruffles of variegated lengths. But the movement he creates with them in this piece is extraordinary. It compares very nicely with the McQueen oyster dress for the subtlty of color and the effusive silhouette. It would take great self-confidence to pull off this fantastic confection today, even at the opera.

  140. PABLO BRICENO Says:

    great dress !!! very modern and elegant. reminds me the one wore by Carrie Bradshaw on the last season of sex and the city. different color but similar concept.

    You rock olivier

  141. Danique Says:

    I LOVE this dress.It is very couture-like.I also like the color and the design of the dress. The ruffles add a lot of volume and definition to the dress. I can imagine someone at the Grammys wearing this. Even though I love this dress, I cant picture myself actually wearing this dress…

  142. Alice Says:

    Let’s get real - t his dress is just ugly, not functional and I can’t imagine anyone ever wearing. Talk about hiding the female body. What man would be attracted to the woman wearing this dress??

  143. Christian Says:

    Steel gray associates coldness, hardness, strictness - but this dress is warm, soft, feathery. What a terrific play of contrasts!

  144. lucy bee Says:

    this dress is something out of a bad horror movie. i could see the creature from the ” Black Laagoon” coming out of the water wearing this gray shell. Maybe this is what the designer wanted.

  145. Marissa Klein Says:

    Olivier Theyskens created he ultimate “mille feuille” dress. Not only eye catching it concludes fashion as art.

  146. YURI SOLEDAD Says:


  147. Jesse Says:

    Gorgeous dress-how fabulous it would be to try it on and go to a masquerade or ball with such as bustle around you! Of course, I’m sure it wouldn’t be comfortable for long but, hey, that’s the price of fashion sometimes…

  148. Krista Says:

    This dress is totally breath-taking when you see it in person! The gray makes it really modern. 2 words….love it!

  149. Nicole Says:

    This dress is absolutely stunning! No, it may not be functional but fashion is not about being functional…it’s about creativity and being fashionable (expressing your own style and ingenuity). Clearly there was a lot of time invested into making this show-stopper. Bravo!

  150. Els-Marie Ericsson Says:

    No disguised beauty here… An exquisite choice for a Nana or a Marguerite Gautier of the 1930’s or of today… Thanks ‘Met’ for exhibiting this outstanding haute couture dream!

  151. Sally Says:

    The elegance of this dress is reminiscent of birds. Makes me want to grow wings and just fly away!!!

  152. Eric Schnabolk Says:

    Mossy Magnificence:)

  153. Alie FB Says:

    This dress is simply ugly. It has too much going on and I dont like it. It is too poofy and it hides the beauty of the person wearing it.

  154. george Says:

    This is such a romantic and dramatic drees. I loved when it was used in the British fashion exhibit with a bird mask. It is amazing it is from 1977 it seems from another time or era my favorite.

  155. claire Says:

    The color “killed it–made it ugly” I would have apprecaited a photo of it without the underskirts, as shown on the runway. Sort of looked like a cabbage due to the petticoat.

  156. DB, Sarasota Says:

    That may be the most eye popping dress I have ever seen. It’s just brilliant. It would break my heart to own it and only be able to wear it once! And imagine the closet space it would take up? I would love to bring it to my dry cleaner just to see the expression on his face. Fashion IS ART. It also has much historical value. The Costume Institute has always been a delight to me. It’s one of the countless wonders that makes the Met the Met, which is on the very short list of the world’s great museums.

  157. Lily Monir Matini, Esq. Says:

    yes yes for haute couture
    a little oversized but a splash of grey ballgown
    love the fabric

  158. Mr. Stacy Stewart Smith Says:

    Although, the color chosen is understated, this gown is ostentatiously fabulous. These two features culminate into what we know to be high fashion. No, it is not new–it is refreshing and correct. This gown is not for everyone it is for the special one. Certainly, Diana Vreeland would have approved. My compliments to
    Mr. Theyskens and Nina Ricci. It may have been better exhibited in a lighter colored space.

  159. nina Says:

    I love how the idea of fantasy and realism collide in the cascading ruffles of this beautiful couture gown. To me it is the most sublime example of couture fashion.

  160. Paco Peralta Says:

    Saludos desde Barcelona (España). Enhorabuena por la exposición de este maravilloso vestido de “Theyskens”. Posee el arte de la Alta Costura y recuerda el estilo del glorioso Cristobal Balenciaga, siendo a la vez moderno y decadente en su color. Una puesta en escesa espectacular, de veras. Gracias por compartir este modelo. Paco

  161. Elizabeth Says:

    I found it interesting to compare this dress to the 1765 French dress included in the exhibit, both featuring so much fabric to the point where you wonder how the wearer would fit through a doorway. However, despite all the layers the ruffles on the Theyskens dress appear light and airy. Even under such a large dress, a wearer would just float through the room. I would love to see a full collection to accompany this dress on the runway.

  162. sara Says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. Lona Gutknecht Says:

    It is Gray and it is Gorgeous.

  164. Pinkgirl8 Says:

    This dress is a headturner. For all of you who don’t know, that means everyones head would turn if they saw this! The color is a little dark and could have been approved. Other than that this dress is haute couture.

  165. bob Says:


  166. Adam Says:


  167. Jill Says:

    J’adore Monsieur Theyskens et ses designs magnifiques!

  168. Regina Says:


  169. ilana b. Says:

    beautiful…it kind of reminds me of air itself; how flowy it is. i would wear this! (if i could fit into it, that is…)

  170. AlexGW Says:

    IT’s a tad bit like a gray persian cat crossed with a cabbage, but in the most gorgeous way. Overall effect is stunning, very overwhelming, beautiful. If someone described this dress to me, I wouldn’t assume I’d like it, but I do!

  171. Joyce Axelson Says:

    Absolutely brilliant….the textures, the designs, the statement, the courage to design this magnificent piece…bravo!

  172. freddie Says:

    If I had the money, this would be the dress of my lost youth. I look good in grey and we would have been a hit together.

  173. Tanya Vreeland Says:

    I was completely inspired by this amazing gown! Its beautifully crafted layer after layer. The dark gray color would flatter anyone, and would bring an elegant, romantic feel layer after layer! The texture is unbelievable i love everything about this gown! Who would have thought that puffy gowns could make someone look elegant, beautiful and sophsticated!

  174. Sanefa Says:

    Oliver Theysjens has alot to prove to the world and he proved it by making this dress. Its one of the amazing dress i’ve seen.

  175. GANESH Says:


  176. Danell Says:

    this dress is taller than i am.

  177. mac Says:

    absolutely amazing.

  178. LCCG Says:

    I do not like fashion that impractical. I like fashion that timeless. However, the material and design is interesting.
    My question: If you purchase a dress like this , what do you do with it after?

  179. micael gonzalez Says:


  180. Miley101 Says:

    I like the fabric used on this dress. The color could be improved but other wise it was beautiful. Who ever made this used a lot of time!

  181. Nancy Says:

    Olivier Theyskens proves to show his imagination towards this, attention drawing gown. Its design is incredible and full of silk. It demands attention and very worth being a part of fashion history

  182. Lucy Says:


  183. Sanefa A Says:

    Olivier Theyskens (born January 4, 1977 in Brussels, Belgium) is the artistic director of French fashion house Nina Ricci.

    This dress is Absolutely Brilliant, I just love this dress. Theyskens first show for the House of Nina Ricci established him as wiser in a business perspective . As of 2007, Theyskens has shown 3 collections for the House of Rochas, all of which were received with acclaim, By looking at this dress you can see that his work is just beautiful.

  184. Kirche Says:

    This is my favorite garment in the entire exhibition. Unbelievable craftmanship. It is one of the bravest creations I have ever seen. And believe me, this photo does not do it justice. Come and see it in person, for it will blow you away!

  185. Johanna Says:

    I think Olivier’s Theyskens L’Air du Temps evening dress is an extraordinary dress. The color is beautiful and I love the ruffles on the dress and how it spirals upward. It makes the dress have movement.

  186. dR. fATE Says:

    Not my favorite although this is an astonighing peice, I look forward to more designers being recognized as pivotal in this mannyere. Perhaps more fashions in the future, will ber recognized as tyhe cultimnatiopn iof something far greater then we had ever expected … who knows!

  187. cynthia Says:

    This garment looks like a wedding dress, but instead it should be white. I love this dress because of the different layers of fabric and ruffles.

  188. Mariana* Says:

    I LOVE IT!

  189. Emily Says:


  190. sosha Says:

    wayyyyyyyyyyyy poofy!

  191. Amy Says:

    I saw this exhibition today and was completely blown away. By far the best fashion exhibition I have see at the Met to date. This dress blew me away. Amazing.

  192. Abigail Says:

    If you dyed this brown it would look delicously like a big chocolate truffle

  193. Rachel Says:

    This dress is really out there, and I think that it is really well put together. It is one of the dresses that really stands out for me!!! The layers are awesome…

  194. Margaux Says:

    This dress is absolutly gorgeous! The construction flawless! The texture and color of the fabric is urban and modern, but still has an elegant and sophisticated look. I honestly want to try it on right now!!!!!!!!!!

  195. Anna Says:

    This dress demonstrates the things I look for in art: movement in structure, complete with tension and resolution created by the gravity-defying silouette of the dress’ folds; texture and interest that involves the viewer’s interpretation, as demonstrated by the use of layering to create a sense of wings; and the sense of something that can’t quite be named - an ethereal quality of an organic beauty, unforced and unassuming but present - which I believe is all the more present because of the choice of color. I’d love to see how it hangs without the underlying structure, as it was shown on the runway. (Of course, I’d love to try it on as well!)

  196. Ashley Says:

    The L’Air du temps was one of my favorite dresses at the exhibit. I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I loved the color and all of the layers. I also liked the fact that this dress was unique but it was also still wearable. The layers make the dress look airy and lightweight. It was beautiful and one of a kind.

  197. Caitlin R Says:

    This dress is the most interesting dress I feel at the exhibit and one of my favorites. The layers are exquisite and add a visual appeal with their texture. The color also adds to this amazing dress and definately ranks as couture. The creativity needed to create this dress proves that Olivier Theyskens is truely an innovative and unique designer.

  198. Tama Says:

    Olivier Theyskens has been one of my favorite designers for a while. What is so exciting about some of his work for Nina Ricci, such as this dress, is the sculptural nature. Other dresses from his recent collections also had beautiful, curving, sculptural sections of fabric. The dress on display seems wearable despite the amount of fabric, a good mix of artistic statement and functional clothing. While all the ruffles seem airy according to many people, I find the dress to appear somewhat heavy from the grey color and the volume of fabric.

  199. Lindsey Baker Says:

    This dress is my favorite from the exhibition! The way the layers are created are beautiful, I’ve never seen a dress with vertical layers instead of horizontal.

  200. Kristy Says:

    I love this dress. It would be a perfect modern wedding dress. The grey is the perfect color choice. With all of the frills, any other color would have been too over the top or too feminine. The picture does not do it justice and I am very happy to have seen it in the flesh. On the other hand though, it is only one year old. I would have liked to have seen the space used for more antique pieces.

  201. Brandon Says:

    This was one of my favorite dresses from exhibition. I love all the layers and the extreme amount of volume that is being created. The color was also a perfect pick because anything bright would have been way to over the top. I was also stunned when I was reading that this dress was only from 2007! It very feminine and soft looking, it would look amazing on the red carpet!

  202. ultr@nit@ sii Says:

    Este museo tiene cosas horrendas y cosas aceptables.
    Es super hortero

  203. A.Radier Says:

    This is what a dress should be. Forget those who say it is not practical that is the difference between FASHION and clothing!!! IT is magnificent, regal, and visually stunning! This is the dress every little girl dreams of trying on yet still manages to have the sophistication to appeal to all!!

  204. Janine Marshall Says:

    I love this dress its so beautiful

  205. DC Says:

    This looks ok…. but who could wear that for more than like an hour??

  206. Joy Says:

    The best thing about this frothy dress is that the fattest hips will be disguised.

  207. Gerald H Says:

    I appreciate the artistic merit of these dresses but as far as functionality goes they’re kinda terrible. just not my cup of tea. Good try though dude.

  208. Patricia Tovar Says:

    I love it, Its dramatic i would love to see sometghing like this on the red carpet. Its truly a work of Art.

  209. Roma-Jade Says:

    I’ve just recently done some research on the house of Ricci and learned about Olivier Theyskens and his impact. This dress is a masterpiece, it is so beautiful. As avant-garde as it is it also screams instant classic. This is a clear example of how Olivier Theyskens has revived the House of Ricci.

  210. Florin Furdui Says:

    This dress is a one of the amazing creations of Olivier Theyskens for Nina Ricci, is absolutely beautiful. I loved the color and all of the layers. I also liked the fact that this dress was unique but it was also still wearable. The layers make the dress look airy.

  211. Terica Walton Says:

    This garment had an incredibly organic feel. It’s as if the fabric is wildly growing from some fantasy plant. A great example of body construction and craftsmanship. I love the motion that it creates.

  212. Carrie Says:

    Olivier Theyskens is one of my favorite designers. His dresses are not like any other - a romantic dream that fits into the 20th century, soft fluid fabrics on top of a structured corset - couture construction yet fit to be my wedding dress! This dress in particular represents hours and hours of work in the sewing room - yet it is not overtly complicated or overwhelming.

  213. amparo Says:

    Explendidamente MARAVILLOSO, la suma de elegancia, glamour y femeneidad traida de un gran talento.

  214. tenzin yangchen Says:

    this dress is stunning…beautifully done.
    i love it.

  215. Shalane James Says:

    I loved this dress. I loved the color and i loved the composition. I thought it looked a little like ash and that was very interesting to me. It caught my eye and i just had to get closer to get a better look. It is such an elegant gown and very high fashion.

  216. Malika Brown Says:

    The pleating on this gown is just amazing… the picture doesn’t do it any justice.

  217. Caroline Says:

    I would like to be considered for Coco Chanel’s next Russian collection…

  218. Fernan Rojas-Echenique Says:

    i wish my girlfriend wore dresses like this!

  219. Amanda Says:

    This dress looks like a modern day Scarlett O’Hara! Amazing to see it in person- pictures do not do it justice…

  220. Marina Says:

    Stunning construction and beautiful drapery. The color, however, is a little drab. Perhaps such a loud dress is softened with a boring tone, but this looks a little sad. Still, the ruffles are astonishing.

  221. Christine Says:

    This dress is AMAZING!! It epitomizes high fashion….and is even more stunning in person.

  222. The Common Man Says:

    This dress embodies the absurd excesses of “high fashion.” Fashion is nothing more than a way for the rich to try to differentiate themselves from the poor. Nothing practical or necessary in the entire collection. A waste of time and money. Makes me sick.

  223. mikole halsu Says:

    Love the design–some unfinished threads which is odd. Who wrote the terrible description of the work–pretentious.

  224. Chere Says:

    omg, i love it and i wish i could wear it. its soooooo oscar-night!!!! :)

  225. Carla Says:

    Gorgeous, but imagine the poor model whose job it was to wear it! I hope she had strong hips.

  226. Syd Says:

    This dress is fantastic and very unique. Reminds me of billowing smoke. I love it!

  227. Karla Says:

    I dont know if anyone here watches Project Runway but this guy Chris did a dress just like it i wonder if it was his inspiration but i do like the dress, i would not wear it to like a party but i would wear it some wehere it has a nice material and a cute style i really like it :)

  228. Nicole Says:

    The dress is beautiful with it’s ruffuly beauty . The dress is outstanding with it’s color

  229. Claudia Says:

    I agree that this might be the same dress the character, Carrie Bradshaw, wore in Paris in one of the last episodes of Sex in the City. It was memoriable to see it flow on her body and around the room. And when she fell on her bed, the raffles engulf her and she was lost in the profusion of the grey material. Can never forget the beauty of this creation. Is this the same dress, or did it inspire Carrie’s dress?

  230. Gillian Candelaria Says:

    This dress is fierce.

  231. Ruby Says:

    i love this dress! although, i do not think it would look very good on me.

  232. Maisie S. (age 8) Says:

    You know that part in the Nutcracker where lady has a huge puffy dress and children run out from under it? This looks like it could be that dress.

    It also looks like waves, each stitch is squeezed together. I like how it pops out. I saw a movie about a boy with beads stuck to his upper lip and he could see them but no one else could. He took his brother into the light to prove to him that the beads existed. “Come closer,” he said. And the brother responded, “If I come any closer, we’ll be wearing the same pajamas!” Still, somehow, that reminds me of the stitches.

  233. Soap McTavish Says:

    this assortement of unintresting cloth revolts me to suuch an extent i have never been before it disgusts me that people would even comment in its defense

  234. Aliza Says:

    It looks like layers of dust….

  235. Ellie Says:

    I really like this dress, i want it for my prom!!

  236. Kelly Says:

    Definitely an inspriation for Chris and Christian on Project Runway.

  237. annabel Says:

    this dress is very much a work of art, though it being way over the top, the very idea of seeing someone weaer it, i would be horrifyied.
    it is art and shou ld only stay on display, never worn.

  238. Keena Says:

    Very Chris from Project Runway! It was very outrageous!

  239. ashleigh Says:

    this has a strong fashion statment that u can wear what ever u want and still look sexxy and hip

  240. Amy Says:

    wow I love them all!

  241. DoornRose Says:

    proud to be Belgian…

  242. JuJu Says:

    As Chris from Project Runway would say…This dress is FIERCE!!!
    I love it!!!

  243. Fashion Freak :) Says:

    This dress is very intriguing. I like the color, but it’s so BIG!

  244. Janet Says:

    Incredible in idea and construction.

  245. Laura Anderson Says:

    I absolutely love this dress. Clicking on the picture to make the fabric appear larger truly makes one appreciate the steel gray heat-crinkled silk fabric. I feel there are very few colors this dress would work with. The gray looks amazing and gives it a creative, unique flair.

  246. Erin Says:

    I love this dress and it could really be functional with a little less poof. The varying ruffle directions really gives the dress a design element without having to directly have designs put on the dress. It also has wrinkled ruffles and gives the dress an interesting texture that isn’t seen very often. The varying ruffle widths is also and interesting affect that gives the dress even more style. I also like the almost fan looking ruffles on the breast area because it changes up the design in the top and gives it a contrasting look.

  247. Alexandra Shipper Says:

    Olivier Theyskens (Belgian, b. 1977) for Nina Ricci evening dress is one of the most beautiful pieces in the exhibit in my eyes. The dress gives a very whimsical feeling and the color only makes the dress more of a delight. Even though the dress is far beyond volumounous, it actually strengthens the piece as a whole. As for the organza silk combination it could not be more perfect.

  248. Angela Lee Says:

    the designer chose to create a very interesting texture by wrinkling the ruffles. this was a very creative decision he made. this texture emphasizes the exaggerated silhouette of the dress. also, the shade of gray that the designer chose to create this dress with is an interesting one.

  249. Caitlin Allen Says:

    This dress is absolutely stunning. With the delicate pleated ruffles that flow across the body, this dress makes such elegant movements without having even move off the dress form. The movement also makes you look around the body, and possibly flatter any body time. Although I disagree that this dress is by any means ready to wear, I dont think it is haute couture either.

  250. Dilys Poon Says:

    I would say the gown is very stunning. I personally really like gown that has volume. Looking closely to the fabric, there are interesting details going on. The ruffles not only creating volume for the dress, but also it gives me a reallly strong feminine feel to it, especially the softness and the curves.
    This piece creates a lot of imagination to the viewer; the feeling of waves, layers of leaves and a lot about the nature. Looking at the color choices, Theyskens chose a very warm grey. I think it’s a very nice color choice. It’s not too feminine yet makes the design stands out alot.
    As told, the gown is displaying with the elaborate, expansive support of its underskirts. It reminds me of what we are learning in our history class. : )

  251. jiyoung chang Says:

    I loved the frech style of pink silk dress. The fabric of flower printed silk dress had many details on its design. It gave feeling of warm and elegant look. I can see that dress was for high-class woman during that time. Inside of the dress, women might wear the hoop skirt with which remind me of historical period time.

  252. samantha h Says:

    I think this gown is absolutly stunning. The elegance of it almost makes it dream-like. The details and his use of symetry is breathtaking. After learning many techniques of draping, i can really appritiate his vision. It is almost like an art peice.

  253. Hyo Kon Kim Says:

    This dress is my favorite on in this exhibition!!
    The layers are extreamly interescting, and movement in structure is fabulouse.
    I can feel the texture, just by looking at the object.
    Olivier Theyskens totally understands not only the woman’s body but also how to use the fabirc. she combines the fabric and the womans bodys and made a great dress. Also the color choice was really good!!!
    Olivier Theyskens is a great designer~!!!

  254. Andrea Fischbach Says:

    This gown is absolutely beautiful. The layers and layers of the fabric in the skirt astonished me and I could not help but think about how much time and pain it must have taken in order to construct the gown. To envision something so elaborate and to be able to execute it so well, especially when the pressures of reviving such a well known fashion house such as Nina Ricci is amazing. I wish that I could go and put the gown on myself and feel the flow and hear the sounds of the movement of the gown.

  255. Chris Liao Says:

    Some say that this piece never being worn just shows the designer’s ego and it is not worthy to make a comment. Well, even it just shows the ego of the designer. It is still an astonishing, and elegant piece. It is draped like a sculpture, and the pleated ruffle flow across the body, the designer just make this dress as splendid as it can gets.

  256. Stella Says:

    This is divine - I first saw Olivier’s work when he was a recent graduate in Paris - he is going to be a huge household name. Perfection.

  257. Cassie Says:

    I would have loved to see an actual runway clip of this dress, and how the material would move with each step. =]

  258. Brittany Bellgardt Says:

    Steele gray and frills, this dress is the epitomy of haute couture. It has ruffles that go on for miles and a bodice that would only work on about .05% of the world population, but it is dramatic and beautiful and over the top. Only in my wildest dreams would I ever be able to wear and pull off a look like this, but I’ll be going to bed early tonight!

  259. AlexS Says:

    Nice packaging. Now where’s the dress that came with it?

  260. rhonda p Says:

    inspiring and fascinating workmanship….
    and creative wearable art

  261. Kristen R. Says:

    This is actually pretty cute and creative that is for sure.

  262. Rosa Ruiz Says:

    This dress is fantastic. I like the colour. Is this dress in MET? Can I see it?

  263. Aisedora Dunkan Says:

    Mne ochen ponravil0s eto platie. Po-moemu ono odno is luchshih zdes’. Hochu kupit’ ego!!!

  264. Debra Ruiz Says:

    Love this gown!! It is incredible.

  265. Edward E Says:

    The best gown in the collection by far. The work that must have went in to this is astounding. The weight of this dress if probably incredible but at the same time it looks like the sightest breeze will blow it away like a puff of smoke.

  266. KDowney Says:

    This gown is amazing!! The designer definately took a major fashion risk with the technique of the ruffles! <33

  267. Anthony Says:

    That gown is fabulous!

  268. Hippie Says:

    it is so fabulous and fierce it looks and moves like ostrich plume i so love this gown
    luv it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

  269. jacqueline Says:

    I thought it was incredible and very unusual. Wearing it must be a unique experience although I would not want to be wearing it. I admire the designer for creating it. But it is is hard to select just one outfit to admire. I love the exhibit!

  270. Ariel Says:

    i love the delicate top bustier.

  271. ashley Says:

    I thought this dress was the best of the collection and shows the evolution of fashion from the past to present. however, i would have liked to seen more american designers represented in the exibit as they have influenced contemporary fashion in many ways.

  272. Kel Says:

    A very moving piece of art. breathtaking.

  273. angeline Says:

    It’s amazing that in the 21st century that clothing and the idea of the feminine is still so attached to the ideas of the past; that what was once believed, by the 21st century, androgeny would be the norm. Clearly, we are not ready to let go of the ’safe’ concepts of feminine.

  274. Ana Lise Says:

    The eighteenth-century attire is the best by far. What I would give to have those styles back!

  275. Lena Says:

    The turquoise dress with the accent of gold, in my opinion, makes it abosolutely phenomenal. I would do almost anything to be able to wear that dress.

  276. Matt Semino Says:

    This is the most fascinating piece in the exhibit simply for its tremendous workmanship. It is sculptural yet evidently wearable (albeit for a very unique occasion). Exactly what fashion should be and what haute couture should aspire to accomplish.

  277. Linette Espinal Says:

    Not only a piece of art, but also a timeless super chic drees. I would wear it to my wedding. White is out of the question!! Great Dress!!

  278. Nancy Says:

    Gorgeous mille feuille beuty!

  279. Bella Says:

    Like a puff of smoke! It would be fun to try it on!

  280. micaela Says:

    its like ballerina swan lake gone evil… but in a good way very pretty and stands out in a crowd

  281. Ally Warkenthien Says:

    I love this dress, just from looking at it you can see how much thought and work went into the design. The gray heat-crinkled silk organza ruffles look beautiful in this dress and the whole design flows together. I also like that the color chosen is gray, I think any other color would have made this design too over-the-top, but the gray lets the design be the top priority.

  282. Morgan Says:

    This dress looks fabulous, it looks very nicely constructed. The color of the garment is perfect and overall this made a beautiful design. I wish i could have it!

  283. Renee Says:

    Absolutely my favorite piece in the exhibition. I wish I could have seen it on a runway without crinoline. It must have been amazing!!

  284. Kadelia Says:

    He used the damp color and used the ruffles to bring it to life…this dress is a masterpiece…i love it!

  285. Rach Says:

    all i can say is wow! This dress is beyond beautiful!

  286. Dorianne Says:

    this is a glorious dress, but I wouldn’t be able to move well in it. Movement (walking, dancing, turning) are important to me when thinking of fashion.

  287. Sarah Says:

    I love the dress. The poofs, the pleats, the ruffles… it’s quite incredible.

    It’s gorgeous.

  288. Marc Sebastian Says:

    This dress was more then an inspiration to a fashion student like my self. The twirlling pleats featured a new motion not yet seen in todays fashion world. The movement this dress had with out even moving its self was so notable.

  289. Maria Says:

    seriously?! this looks like a collection of grey gunk that might be found in very old duct work. pig pen at the ball.

  290. chloe ann hadfield Says:

    i love this dress it is really nice. i love the puff to it.

  291. Emma Says:

    Oh My God. I LOVE this dress. :) I love the colour and the ruffles, they’re like little puffs of smoke.

  292. Liya Says:

    this dress looks
    like , smoke
    went all over it ?

    but its rad ( :

    4/6/08 !
    love , liya

  293. Alexandra Says:

    It looks like something that Alexander McQueen would design its not that unique- well one could always wonder if he was inspired by this piece.

  294. missmamei Says:

    A true demonstration of his vision and talent

  295. Gman Says:

    The jonas brothers look way better than these dresses!

  296. Gman Says:

    This looks pretty cool because it has a nice wavy and swirly look!

  297. maria Says:

    this is beatiful i would ay it looks like a piece from the middle eastern and i would love to wear this the layout is wonderful. the frill and poof is extrodinary!

    age 12
    from florida

  298. Lulu Says:

    I love the ruffles! I would totally wear this to a ball.

  299. Adam Says:

    Though a gorgeous design, I feel it would be an annoyance to wear!

  300. Kristine Says:

    I’m not going to lie, the first time I saw this I thought it was a cat hairball. I love the design of the dress but the color and overall “poofyness” is a little much…

  301. Leigh Says:

    WHat’s all the fuss?

  302. alina Says:

    it’s like a piece of dessert! absolutley fabulous!

  303. Kay Says:

    Woah! I’d get lost in all those ruffles. I wish it was in some other color though…

  304. Becca Says:

    I generally like the dresses exhibited here, however, though I understand the historical and fashion significance of this dress I believe it is not “exquisit” or “fabulous” as the others who have written here have noted. I think that the dress itself looks like a pile of fabric and when a person is wearing it, well, it only makes the person look like a they are either about to fall over or as though they need a house around them to hold them up. I agree with the comments that go along the lines of “whats all the fuss”. They make a very good point.

  305. Laura Says:

    i cant inagine whatit would feel like to wear it, but i wish i could try!!!!! wonderful color and shape…beautiful work!

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