Sunday, December 23, 2007

Spot On

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik (Spanish, b. 1942) and Damien Hirst (British, b. 1965). “Dot” Boots, 2002. White cotton canvas with polychrome polka-dot print. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Catharine Breyer Van Bomel Foundation Fund, 2003 (2003.52a, b).

In an intersection of contemporary art and fashion the shoe designer Manolo Blahnik worked with Damien Hirst on this design. Exploiting the Pop and Op evocations of Hirst’s pattern of identically sized dots evenly spaced on a grid, Blahnik reprises the 1960s “go-go” boot. The boots, associated with a time when technology was seen as the mechanism by which a space–age, utopian future might be realized, were designed to be worn with Courrèges and Cardin mini-skirts. In Blahnik’s reprise, the flat, functional heel has given way to a high, thin stiletto. The design of the boots situates the prettily colored patterning by Hirst, which generally resists all but formalistic analysis, to a period when an ostensible decorative and reproducible vacuity masked a deeper cultural critique. Coincidentally, this collaboration predated by a few months Louis Vuitton’s launch of its Takashi Murakami patterned bags.

“I have always been an admirer of Damien Hirst, so I jumped at the opportunity to work with his prints. I made two boots—both very simple because I wanted Mr. Hirst’s work to be the main focus and not the shoes. One is this from the ‘Spots’ series, and the other a ‘Splash.’ Of the two, this is my favorite. Spots have always been a favorite theme with me, but I love the way that Hirst places them in this rigid, repetitive format. It looks very disciplined but at the same time is very playful—thanks to the fun colors that represent chemicals, giving the whole piece a dark undertone, which I find very clever.”

—Manolo Blahnik

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  1. AntiGenre Says:

    My first thought was that these boots are too similar to the Vuitton bags, but apparently these came first. They also remind me a bit of children’s rain boots. That said, I do, however, like the graceful shape of the boot itself and the uniform placement of the dots.

  2. kate lowe Says:

    Perhaps the most phenomenal piece is the Vivienne Westwood ballgown. It shows the modern influences of the new millenium but takes cues from the greats more than a century before. The highly constructed bodice flowing out into pleats illustrates the progression from a highly structured environment to a flowing naturalistic society. It is, perhaps, a great expression of the juxtaposition between capitalism and sustainablilty emerging in the later half of this decade.

  3. Nina Says:

    I thought these boots were very interesting because theuy are full of color. Also the shape of the boot makes it look very nice. They do look like children’s rain boots ,but anyone could wear them. I certainly would!

  4. Isabel Says:

    digitilized and modernized puddle jumping

  5. maria montero carrasco Says:

    In my opinion this pair of boots are very original.I think us to wear a pair of “manolos” is us to wear a picasso.The biggest expresion of the art is the design of shoes for me.I would keep this boots in my sitting-room.

  6. someone Says:

    everyone liked it so why cant i . i think it is just meSOMEONE?????

  7. giancinephile Says:

    Fashion’s affinity with footwear has the tendency to be fetishistic. It is this tendency to fetish that has made shoes so desirable. And we have this notion of the fetish as sexy thanks to the works of the great Helmut Newton.

  8. giancinephile Says:

    The fashion and art thing has been becoming more and more commonplace. And, this makes art more approachable and interactive because we could wear it. Anyone remember that Stella McCartney dress from Spring Summer 2006 made with a Jeff Koons painting?

    Art trailing into the realms of popular culture seems to create a more significant turn of events for the people who experience them like contemporary art as more “now.”

  9. Dani Says:

    I love these shoes! They remind me of wonder bread!

  10. MJ Aguilar Says:

    In the last few years–I have been wowed by the Met’s fashion exhibitions! One after another–they are insightful, whimsical and most important grounded in history, current events and everything that is, ultimately, part of living culture. This is just another one in a series of excellent shows.

  11. laurel Says:

    i wish i had a pair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; )

  12. A person Says:


  13. Shannon Says:

    I love these poka-dotted ones =] but i would never wear something like that….

  14. c a saucier Says:

    About the label

    on the early 19th century bonnet —

    as you are addressing the hair style,

    the word shoud be coiffure (hair style)

    NOT coiffeure (hair dresser)…

    so many thanks,


    sorry for the type osssssssssss

    C A S

  15. cynthia Shelley Says:

    Dear Observers, I see motion - boots moving, your comments flowing. Boots sitting in a room (maria m.) or on a shelf-wonder bread (Dani) are still not static. Behold impressionistic dots-da da- in motion. I am so charmed to see this art! Oh, Blahnik and Hirst what sensory stimulation . Genius.
    I anticipate with great joy viewing more art.I am in the dairyland,snowed in. Is that why I cannot and have not ever seen the fetish thing with even this masterpiece? I shall research H. newton,( giance).Ilike looking at the color/ movement w/in the dots as I “read” the boot circumferentially and vertically. laurel,have you visualized looking down at your boots,standing ready to go? Would they glisten?

  16. Margherita Says:

    Oh the Pimpa’s boots…Great piece of artwork, funny and original.

  17. Laurie Aron Says:

    Why not go against all expectations and wear these boots with swathes of fuchsia ruffles?

  18. maddie Says:

    OMG! i love these shoes!
    I cant wait for the upcoming posts too. ;)

  19. Suzanne Says:

    I love the shoes!!!!
    They are gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  20. allie Says:

    So cute!
    Plus, the designers were very smart. The shoes go well with many outfits for many occasions.

  21. allie Says:

    i love the polkadots!

  22. MESA Says:

    These boots are interesting, but they look more like something a designer would use on the runway to get attention than something that would work on real women. I certainly can’t see myself wearing anything like these.

  23. Tarheel Says:

    why do women make their men come to such ridiculous exhibits?

  24. Sarah Says:

    Like totally OMG! The hairy hat is D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G!!! Real hair? Puh lease even chanel wouldnt do that… and shes adventuous! I love the fendi scarf though! xoxoxoxxoo
    -sarah <333

  25. becca Says:

    People wear this today so it isn’t realy difrent.HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Ilham Says:

    Got spots?

  27. Maria Says:

    nooo wayyyy

  28. Moo Says:

    Look like unpractical rain boots. Like the print, would not wear.

  29. fj Says:

    Wear these and you are guaranteed to have children at your feet trying to eat the candy dots.

  30. Becca Says:


  31. amanda Says:

    I love those pink shoe and the pink gown. Where might you suggest I buy them or a copy thereof. I have the perfect event to wear them. Please reply!

  32. alex Says:

    these are really cooll shoes and I would wear!!!!!!!

  33. Lucy Says:

    I love the polka dots on ankle boots. I thought that the use of the fabric was very clever! I would have used the fabric for something more along the lines of tube tops or strapless dresses. But very cute shoes. I would wear them!

  34. whitelabel Says:

    ditto “fj” - I thought the same. Maybe a hidden meaning to have the little people licking your shoes. They also have the look of - “we double as flower pots.”

  35. Nancy Marie Says:

    LOVE them. These are super fab! I would wear them with all of my minis! With so many colors in them, they are actually very versatile.

    Nancy Marie

  36. sarah Says: shoes :-)i like polka dots

  37. $weetne$$ Says:


  38. anna Says:

    I love these boots! They are origanal and colorful. I love spots, in fact, I have a pair of clogs almost exactly like these!

  39. ilana Says:

    Spotty and colorful !

  40. ilana Says:


  41. Morgan Says:

    I rather like these.

    I really want them !

  42. Manuela Says:

    Its soooo wierd!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Tuffy Says:

    My first thought was that these boots seemed to reference the 80s, not the 60s. Hirst’s color palette is totally 80s, and the shape — ankle-height stiletto — was an 80s staple as well. Did Blahnik believe he was referencing the 60s, or is that just a misperception by this post’s author?

  44. Hilary Says:

    “Spots have always been a favorite theme with me, but I love the way that Hirst places them in this rigid, repetitive format.”

    For some reason, I find this sentence unbelievably pretentious. Yes, because nobody has EVER thought of arranging coloured spots in rows before.

    Apart from that, I rather like the shoes. However, it would be difficult to find something to go with them without looking silly.

  45. kat Says:

    already did not like his dots on canvas, so on these shoes they dont do much for me…i actually think the pattern in itself is not very interesting…but what is, is the collaboration of an artist and a fashion brand like the vuitton hype now, so there manolo came first indeed

  46. chickenpotpie Says:

    these shoes are so awsome!!!!!! they look llike they belong in an Austin Powers movie.

  47. beccer Says:

    I love these boots, they have a contemporary appeal while they have the “throwback” style of the popular 60’s go-go boots. timeless!!

  48. Katti Says:

    Four words: I want want want! These shoes are so cute! In my opinion of course very like the rain boots one sees, but these certainly aren’t for trouncing in puddles. How fun would these be to wear. Very flirty.

  49. Jamie H Says:

    These boots captured my eye. They would look great for a Saturday night of dancing out in the meatpacking district. They are fun!

  50. Marlene H Says:

    These boots look like they came from the 1960s white gogo boots era, when the Beatles came to New York City.

  51. Katti Says:

    yeah soooo cute omg!!! =)

  52. Renee & Dana Says:

    R: i think that the shoes could go with anything and their so fun! i also think that its a nice contrast from the chanel boots! i love them

    D: I LOVE these boots. I especially like the different colored polka dots because color is my life. They’re really nice and I agree that they could go with almost anything. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, I would give them a 10!

  53. noartista Says:

    im totally in love with this boots, they are just like me. coloful and artistic.

  54. jane Says:

    love it

  55. she Says:

    I dont know how anyone could fit into those shoes. they look so tiny

  56. fashionn Says:

    I do adore these boots. I wouldn’t normally where high heels, but I adore these. And I also like Louis Vuittons things. They do look small.

  57. zita Says:

    totally gross I might gag :(

  58. Katie Says:

    I love the colors of the dots. The shape of the boots looks very stylish and elegant!

  59. designergirl Says:

    i love these shoes… i love the colors and the style and i would totally wear them :D

  60. Jessica Says:

    Hello i love i mean LOVE those shoes called Spot On those shoes are the coolest shoes i should know because i am the shoe queen i have about 100 pairs of shoes most of witch are flats!!!!!!!!!!! =) Thank you for letting me see the most coolest shoes ever!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Jordan Says:

    Hopefully I meet a girl wearing these on NYE

  62. Jamie AND Leigh Says:

    These boots are AWESOME!!!! I love the polka dots soooooo much!!!!


    I love these boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. mok Says:


  64. Emily Says:

    This just screams ” I`M A PROSTITUTE”

  65. TEXTO CASI DIARIO ; ) » ¿Botines de Manolo Blahnik para Google? Says:

    […] ningún sitio dice que estos sensacionales botines sean para empleados de Google. Pero lo […]

  66. roxy rules Says:

    love them

  67. Ayanna Says:

    These boots are sooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Marlene H Says:

    it was really interested… i liked it so much.. i want 2came here again.. it was amazing..

    xxxxx marlene

  69. Graciee Says:

    these are really radd.

  70. Murdiff Says:

    these boots are really cute!

  71. Stefan Says:

    Wonderfully up to date exhibition, not to mentuion the historical pieces!

  72. Luba Says:

    Although there have been many collaborations between artists and designers such as Dali and Schiaparelli. I am conflicted about the new “trend” of contemporary artists designing handbags, shoes, etc. Are artists the new fashion designers? The recent collections with collaborations between Richard Prince and Vuitton, Levis and Hirst, as well as the placement of a Vuitton store in the Murakami exhibit at MOCA has shown that art and fashion continue to overlap. Are these artists selling out? Or is this part of their statement as they address the role of commerce, technology and consumerism in art?

  73. Emma Says:

    I love the whole line of clothing. I find that every outfit has its unique look.
    It can be gross, or lovely. I can imagine myself wearing this outfit!!!

  74. caroline Says:

    I LUV these boots, they’re just a tad bit weird.

  75. JJ Says:

    I love my Blahniks. They’re blue. Very comfortable shoes. These - why are they here? Reference to playfulness, wonderbread, candy, etc.? So? Maybe I’ll put a wonder bread package on shoes and have them in the Met? Since we can’t put our feet in them here, and only look at them, we can only judge them visually. If these same-looking shoes were designed by Payless (which they could have been), they wouldn’t be here.

  76. Eliza W. Says:

    I love these shoes! I could wear them every day! If I would have to give them a grade, I would give them an A because they are cute.

  77. Olivia Lennon Says:

    These shoes are not only bold but would send the message to anyone abnout your personality. These are stylish, fun, and I would kill to have a pair of them. Copies have been made from Gucci, Chanel, Prada, but these are historic shoes.

  78. Gina Brake Says:

    I think these boots would look great on a model, wearing them and getting photographed in front of Piet Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie. these are so pop art and they look great.

  79. CM Says:

    This is a fun yet tacky design - inspired likely by 80’s more tacky use of colour or pop-art. A kiddy feel most approprate for the very young.

  80. ed Says:

    theyre really modern but way too much like rainboots :)

  81. lily Says:

    these shoes are awsome i love them!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  82. as Says:

    love da shoez!!
    so hot!!
    lik da diffrent colors
    so prepy..
    i want one!!
    i love da shoez frome old datz!!

  83. Rosa Says:

    Wow, i love those shoes, wish i had a pair! they’re very modern, i would wear them with a modern, white, plain dress. :)

  84. cait Says:

    I think the artist has new ideas and a modern mind and used his talants to creat this modern spotted boot

  85. george Says:

    What makes these shoes a work of art is not the size of its heels or polk a dotted leather, but rather the essential exuberance of qualitifed elegance. I believe that wearing those shoes with the right dress, will instantly become a woman of virtuous beauty.

  86. James Baek Says:

    Wow! This shows how great and gorgeous Manolo Blahnik’s work is!!
    I think it’s not just a fashion item but an art work.

  87. Fleka Says:

    Ouuu! Design of these shoes is very interesting and unusually.
    But, I like more these shoes

    What do you think about these shoes?

  88. Laurie Aron Says:

    I wouldn’t go quite so far as Mok to say that the boots are “incredibly mundane” in design, but there is a serious point being made. What comes around goes around and around and around until it’s same old same old. But some things can reference and look fresh and exciting. I don’t think anything can be designed today without referencing the past. There’s too much of it and it’s too tempting and we’re just bathed in all the images and reality of it.

    There’s some spark of individual creativity that makes one design sing and another say, oh, another version of….fill in the blank.

  89. nesrin d. Says:

    Totally loving the style and print of those shoes! I wish I had a pair! I love polka dots and with the right outfit they would be nice, but not with everything. :)

  90. Laura Says:

    I love them. Fun yet elegant. What an amazing combo. Heels could be lower though. I would so go to buy them.

  91. giovanna Says:


  92. Andreas Says:

    I didn’t like them at the begining, but they’re really not so bad.

  93. Gitta Says:

    these boots are hot stuff

  94. CMEggplant Says:

    These boots resemble pop art from the 60s, which is both wimsical and chic.

  95. Ilske Says:

    This boots would make my daay if it is, like today, grey, wet and uncomfortable. Lovely.
    And how does “Splash” look like?

  96. Susan Ruel Says:

    These boots are the coolest! I want a pair.

  97. Parker Says:

    I think that the exhibit was cool even for a nine year old boy.

  98. Alana Boyer Says:

    Well I love all kind’s of spots and especially this pear of shoes becuase it has alot of spots!!!!

  99. Vera Says:

    not so special, but I believe they were ahead of the time

  100. Julia Says:

    I like these shoes too. They are very fun and alot of people would wear them.

  101. Josie Says:

    The perfect combination of function and art. These boots have a great print but are completely functional. I’d love to own a pair.

  102. Gia Says:

    fabulous and fun

  103. Samantha Says:

    I think that these pair of shoes are really cool. They are so funky. I wish i had a pair. I think that they are unique and fun in their own way and that’s what i love about them!

  104. Ailynn Says:

    I like these shoes because they are in the fashion exhibit.

  105. Marlene Charlemagne Says:

    These boots can be fashionable today, what makes it so hot is that it was created so many years ago. I love them. I would not party with them but i probbably would never throw it away. I would keep it in my bedroom as a souvenier.

  106. rosemary kent Says:

    Fun and amusing like Mr. Blahnik himself. One can sense his fondness for the flirtatious polka dot patten thanks to his Canary Island background of music and romance and passion. These boots are like laughter on the feet. Hi Manolo, long time no see.

  107. Carol Says:

    Sorry, I just don’t like them. No matter the status of the designer or the price tag.

  108. Lily Monir Matini, Esq. Says:

    like dots candy
    very mod

  109. mollie Says:

    I love these shoes they are so pretty but I wouldn’t were them because they are very livly and poping out but they are cool

  110. kim Says:

    these shoes are fabulous

  111. Megan Bell Says:

    What a cute yet classic boot. I love them. They are very similar to the Louis Vuitton look, but Have their own unique look to them as well with the placement of the dots compared to the placement of design on Louis Vuitton items. Very attractive in the form.

  112. Andrea Says:

    That shoes are marvelous! At the first time i thought, that they are look like a wonderful painting from Claude Monet, designed by Manolo Blanhik. That`s fantastic - that`s Manolo Blanhik

  113. plagita Says:

    blahnik and hirst…who would have thought!

    a job well done, however; perhaps he should stick to shoes and stay away from sharks.

  114. Suzy and Nora Says:

    totally cute!!!! heart the polka dots!!! bright colors and heels are gorgeous!! :-)

  115. Ashley Tisdale Says:

    I love these boots they are sooooo cute and retrow

  116. DoDo Says:

    These shoes are really an art object - I would put them in my shelves or hang them up at the wall of my living room!

  117. Rebecca Says:

    Compared to everything else in this gallery, these shoes seem the most practial. They’re the most functional and seem to attract the eye of someone my age, 16. All in all, I just love this.

  118. marina urbach Says:

    The exhibition is made possible by Manolo Blahnik.
    “meravigliose” Prima di tutto bisogna tenere in conto che Blahnik ha sponsorizzato questa mostra. L’implicazione del fatto che anche lui partecipa alla mostra come artista e da notare. I commenti e partecipazione dovrebbe andare oltre a ” mi piace, non mi piace, meraviglioso”. Stiamo vivendo un momento culurale molto particolare, la fusione arte/ moda, istituzione culturale/ societa corporativa,
    arte/ mercato dell’arte.

  119. marina urbach Says:

    […] ningún sitio dice que estos sensacionales botines sean para empleados de Google. Pero lo […]
    Esta pequeña intervención fuera de contexto, no ayuda mucho a aclar el significado de la colaboración Blahnik/ Hirst. Pero quizás este es el punto principal, contexto, contexto, contexto.

  120. lily Says:

    I really would love to own these. They are fun but not too childish. They are art to wear!

  121. Harris Says:

    These boots would look really good with one of my colorful dresses. They would look pretty together. Wearing these boots would make me feel very nice.

  122. Jyahida Veras Says:

    I fell in love with the Manolo Blahnik “pokadot” boots. Ankle boots are definately in style. Now a days you see plain or suede ankle boots which I think they need more flava and more expression. Obviously these were made in the mid 60’s which they had alot of style and designers today should be more creative when designing shoes.

  123. Jyahida Veras Says:

    I love the pokadot boots, I wish designers today could design those boots but in a modern style. Now a days shoes are so boring. That when you walk in a room you want to be noticed because people definately look at you from head to toe!!!!!!!

  124. Tymeisha Lovell Says:

    The “Spot On” boots are hot! I would love to wear them on the street and have people stop and look and ask me were did I get them. Those boots are a most have in my closet.

  125. Anna F. Says:

    I have always had a love for shoes but my heart belongs to Manolo Blahnik. I loved seeing these shoes on display from early 2000. The pattern is fun and I admire how they but the focal point of the shoe the polka dots. Its fantastic for anyone who doesn’t want to enter a snobby store of Manolo and they can come to the laid back atmosphere in the ground level of this museum to see a pair of Manolo Blahniks in person.

  126. KIKI Says:

    Personally I think that Manolo Blahnik has some great shoes but these are not one of them. They are a pair of pointy boots (which is seen eveywhere) and then polka dots are put on them. What was the inspiration in that? Yet they’ll charge you $800 dollars for them. Rip off!!!

  127. emma Says:

    so cool

  128. sarah Says:

    these are hotttt

  129. Maddy Says:

    I <3 these shoes yay for polka dots

  130. Barbara Wright Says:

    These boots are totally adorable! Manolo is a genius! He delights and inspires and that’s why women everywhere are totally in love with him and his shoes. It’s just a shame, though, that he does not own the ‘rights’ to his own name (in the name of corporate greed)

  131. Sarah Stannard Says:

    These boots were one of my favorite pieces of the MET’s display. I was surprised to see that Manolo Blahnik took part in the design of this shoe, but once I really looked at the silhouette of the shoe I knew it couldn’t be anybody else’s design. The dots surprised me and I thought they would have come from a couple decades before and not the 1990’s, but the colors do correspond with the bright colors and the beginning of pop music. They definately leave a statement.

  132. leyla Says:

    i want them for my sister she loves spots:)

  133. Desmond Says:

    Leave it to Blahnik to make the foot the most beautiful part of the human body. I love all of his work.

  134. Pnyessa Says:

    These remind me of Converses, but in heels and WAAYYY Cutier,OMG!!

  135. Valentine Says:

    These shoes could definetly be the example for next years style. They remind me of popart, and the resembelence is very chic in it’s favor. They could be worn in Spring with a cute pair of caprees, Winter with a long jacket and jeans, Summer with a mini skirt and fall with jeans and a cute neon windbreaker!

  136. Katie Says:

    At first glance I defiantly thought these shoes were Louis Vuitton. The different colored polka dots reminded me of the different colored LVs all over their handbags. These styles are still popular today. Maybe not the polka dots on shoes, but those style shoes are still popular and polka dots are also still a big hit.

  137. Ms Susan B Says:

    These boots are the perfect marriage of style and art! Damien, your “dots” paintings are so iconic, yet I think your collaboration with Manolo is a true tour de force! How much fun would it be for a gallery full of gals at the Saatchi to be sporting these while perusing your painting!! Rock on, white space dot boots!!

  138. Rachel Says:

    I LOVE THESE!!!!! They are sooo cool! Can I get a pair…? They are really cute!

  139. Brittni Says:

    Though I don’t see these boots to be incredibly innovative or different, there is something to say about such a collaboration of greats. These people are so different, this would be one of the last collaborations I would have ever guessed, I mean a man who makes shoes and a man who submerges a shark in formaldehyde! The boots are very simple, but still interesting, mixing the old with the new, and an almost hypnotising print. They are very retro at the same time being very modern, it could be a spontaneous classic. However whether you like it or not, find them innovative or not, there is something to be said about two unique people in completely different area’s of creative expression coming together to make something that is both functional and artistic.

  140. Megan A Says:

    I love the polka dots and different colors. I think a lot of people would wear these now, especially since ankle boots are very popular. They ARE very similar to the rain boots you see now, just with a high heel and pointed toe.

  141. kelly velikonya Says:

    I loved these boots! They are vintage and still look chic to wear today. I loved the colorful polka dots with the contrasting cream background of the boots. Also, i feel that these boots are very iconic of the decade they were made in and tell a story of the bright and fun times they were worn in.

  142. Juana Says:

    those shoes are so fashion!

  143. Carla Says:

    i wolud love to use that shoes with my favourite dress!

  144. rodolfo Says:

    i love those shoes!

  145. Jeong Hyun Says:

    Polka dots on the ankle boots.
    really Lovely and pop artistic features..
    I want to try these on.or at least, I hope to find similar shoes in boutique.

  146. briana Says:

    ~i absolutely loveeeeeeee thses SHOES~!!!! :)

  147. larlee bone Says:

    I love the polka dotted shoes….so CUTE!!!!! =)))

  148. Brittany Spears Says:


  149. Emil Says:

    OMG I love these shoes they are totally fetch i so wan them they are hot like me!OMG :)

    love ya,

  150. Lilyana Ruiz Says:

    this kind of print has been remade many times in different decades since it was created but not yet in the same way.

  151. H.B. Says:

    I love these shoes…I would totally wear them. Polka dots are my style!! =)

  152. Ana Sierra Says:

    I like the contrast between the completely different pieces the exhibition shows: dresses comming from centuries away vs 2007 works; traditional gowns vs artistic interpretations of fashion. Thanks MET

  153. Lilly Rongon Says:

    I think these shoe’s are very stilish and proably one of the most colorful pieces in the gallery. I love that it is very sheack and I think alot of people would like to wear that if it were in a store.

  154. Kate Says:

    I LUV these boots! I would totally wear them! In fact, right now I’m wearing some ballet flats w/ sox that are almost exactly the same print! Polka-dots are SO in right now!!!!!!

  155. oan Says:

    so shiney-can not resist!

  156. Emma Says:

    These boots are very nice! I f I could I would obviously wear them! They are they best piece of clothing in the museum!

  157. Frankie Says:

    All i am saying is that if i were a girl or if i were extremly confident enough…i would be wearing these boots. How cute are they?!?! I love them.

  158. Frankie Says:

    These boots might be the one item in the collection that has been concidered “fashionable” for the longest time. These boots would have worked in the 60’s and 70’s, and now again in the 2000’s.
    They have the perfect ankle length to work with sooo many different dresses and skirts…i just love them!

  159. lauren Says:

    The shape of theese boots is very elegant and practical. THe pattern is fun and colorful. Though a tad childish I would wear them any day

  160. colette Says:

    I love the material of these boots, they are very funky! I would definetly wear them, if I had a chance!

  161. Nicole Says:

    I loved these shoes when I saw them because their polka dots and bold use of color.

  162. Jessi Erian Says:

    I think though the white canvas would be difficult to maintain, these would be fabulous a a thigh-high. I also would like to see them in a round toe.

  163. Maisie S. (age 8) Says:

    I really like polka dots! I like that the dots are on a background of white. I would wear these everywhere if they were mine.

  164. Casey Lemme Says:

    At a first glance of these boots, they remind me of rain boots in a way. After looking at the closer, you realize that the polka dots seem to be spaced evenly instead of scattered wherever looked plausable. These boots are fun and look very functional to me. I would enjoy a pair in my closet to spice up an outfit.

  165. Emma Says:

    I would love wearing these boots anywhere. They could be used to dress up an outfit or dress down an outfit. They are perfect for everywhere that is dry and clean.

  166. ASHLI BENBOW Says:


  167. Lilly Miller Says:

    Amazing!!!! :)

  168. mary anne Says:

    love it they are grat they are very colorful

  169. SOPHIE Says:

    just love them they have so much style and they are great!!!!
    they are amazing i would love them to use them so fantastic and so simply at the same time!!!! =))

    hope u keep on growing

  170. Frances Says:

    These are the most modern boots i think in the exhibit! I wish i had a pair… so cute!

  171. Sarah Says:

    I think these shoes are sooooo cute. I just love the style and the colors.

    They would look great on someone, oh I don’t Know, maybe ME!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  172. Cristine Tozser Says:

    these shoes look so funky..i don’t really love them but i think they are quite kewl…i like the colorful spots on these shoes..they look totally retro…not my style but i admit that they look so pretty and kewl

  173. Lizzie Says:

    I think they are so fun and funky i would totally were them!!

  174. emmy tauber Says:

    i <3 these shoes they are amazingjh

  175. sophie Says:


  176. Dylann Says:

    these r for girls i don’t like them but my sister doessss

  177. KATIE Says:

    Love the polkadots

  178. Kate Says:

    I love them, they’re fabulous. Can i have them?

  179. Lizzie Says:

    these are so cute! i love the colored polka dots! wow they should make more!

  180. meimi1995529 Says:

    i wouldnt wear them but the dots are really funky and cool

  181. Nick Says:

    I am a 31 year old male with little interest in the fashion industry but a lot of respect for the craftsmanship.

    However it is collaborations like these shoes that really blows me away. The moment I saw this collaboration between the shoe designer and the artist something clicked and I realized the art with in a perfect piece of fashion.

    Kudos Manolo!

  182. denisse Says:

    when i saw these shoes…i was absoultely SHOCKED!!!
    im from California and you dont see things like this over there!!
    i am awe!!

  183. Kami Says:

    so awesome
    wonder if they still have them in a size 7 lol

  184. Kat Says:

    THE HOTTEST BOOTS EVER!!!! I think they are pretty damn FEROSH!!! if you ask me! :-)

  185. Katie Says:

    I love these. So sweet and charming, yet edgy with the familiar statement of a go-go boot. I wish someone would make a modern knock-off rendition- I would totally wear them!

  186. maxine Says:

    we don’t like the fur of animals

  187. roie82495 Says:

    I <3 SPOTS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  188. Krysta Says:

    Where so I go to buy these gorgous things they are so 60’s but they are from the 40’s which makes me wonder what kind of shoews did the 30’s have hmmmmmm………?????

  189. Marieke Says:

    WOW! I want these shoes so badly!!! They are so gorgeous!
    Blahnik is a genius!

    (The Netherlands)

  190. Sara Says:

    These are gorgeous!!!

  191. Ellen M Says:

    What is interesting about these boots is the fact that simplicity can express so much, rather than if the boots were more complicated and flashy. Less is more in this case and it works well. The colorful dot pattern is obviously the dominant design element, but the classic shape and form of the boot certainly serve as a great design foundation. I love what Blahnik said about the pattern being very “rigid and repetative” ,yet it gives a splash of fun and playfulness. That psylochological contrast is what makes the aesthetics of the boots flow so perfectly.

  192. BRiiZZY Says:

    these shoes are adorable. i would wear them any day! =]

  193. raerae Says:

    love this muesum!!!!! the costumes r gr8

  194. Crystal Newman Says:

    These boots look fun and makes a happy day!!!

    These boots were made for walkin’!!!!

  195. Kaity Tsui Says:

    Interesting upon first glance, not so much after. Mediocre at best.

  196. Rachel Says:

    I love these, so cute!

  197. vanessa block Says:

    i loved the spot on boots they were soooooooo cute! i loved the little dots all over them yeah spot on boots

  198. Genevieve Says:

    Theis are so cool!The magician outfit is really neet!! And the Pink high heels i would sooooo wear!!!

  199. scampii D Says:

    i really think these are pure genious! i love these and they are fun to fix and match with. they should go on sale for charity and they would sell so fast because they are truely purrrrrrrfect!

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