Archtop Mandolin, Baby Grand model, 1985

Baby Grand

John Monteleone (American, b. 1947)
Archtop Mandolin, Baby Grand model (serial number 109), 1985
Spruce, spalted maple, ebony; blonde finish; L. 28 in. (71.1 cm)
Private Collection

The mandolin family of instruments is modeled on the violin. The mandolin has double courses that are tuned like a violin (E, A, D, G); the mandola is tuned like the viola (C, G, D, A). Similarly, the mandocello is tuned an octave below the mandola, like the violoncello. A mandolin quartet is voiced like a string quartet, with two mandolins, a mandola, and a mandocello.

Monteleone named the Baby Grand model after his primary performance instrument, the piano. It is based on the A model mandolin (of Gibson), without a scroll.

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Barry Mitterhoff plays “Soldier’s Joy” on a Baby Grand model mandolin by John Monteleone. Recorded August 12, 2010, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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