Archtop Guitar, New Yorker Special model, “Hagstrom” prototype, 1966

New Yorker Special

James D’Aquisto (American, 1935–1995)
Archtop Guitar, New Yorker Special model, “Hagstrom” prototype (serial number 101), 1966
Spruce, maple, ebony, brass, celluloid, mother-of-pearl; sunburst finish, cutaway; W. 17 in. (43.2 cm)
Perry A. Margouleff, New York

D’Aquisto introduced his own ideas soon after beginning to build guitars independently. Already apparent on this instrument, made in 1966 as a prototype for a mass-produced guitar that was manufactured by the Hagstrom company in Sweden, is a rejection of the Art Deco designs of D’Angelico and the introduction of new outlines for the pickguard, headstock, f-holes, and tailpiece without D’Angelico’s stairstep.

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