Sunday, December 30, 2007

Naomi’s Nemesis

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood (British, b. 1941). Shoes, autumn/winter 1990. Hot pink crocodile-embossed patent leather. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Millia Davenport and Zipporah Fleisher Fund, 2006 (2006.14a, b).

A strategy of épater les bourgeois has informed much of Vivienne Westwood’s career. While many of her early collections were directly associated with the incendiary margins of street style and the London club scene, she also incorporated references to the louche world of the sex trade. The tongue-in-cheek coquettishness seen in her mini-crinis and padded bum skirts is amplified when worn with her signature high-heeled, platform-soled pumps. Originally designed in collaboration with the shoemaker Patrick Cox, the design was broadcast internationally when the model Naomi Campbell stumbled on the catwalk wearing a pair in purple. The Museum’s pair were designed for Westwood’s “Portrait” collection, and were worn by Jibby Beane, a former shop assistant and unofficial house model of Westwood’s. Beane met Westwood in the restrooms of the Designer and Decorators Exhibition in London in 1993. When they met, Beane, an ebullient bottle-blonde of the same age as Westwood, had just left a genteel marriage in suburbia. Tall and voluptuous, Beane became the mature embodiment of Westwood’s fashions. As Jane Mulvagh, author of Vivienne Westwood: An Unfashionable Life, has noted, “Her message was that life after fifty could be sexy and fun dressed in Westwood.”

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  1. c willow Says:

    They’re fantastic, but on the tacky side. You would have to wear ankle braces to prevent breaking.

  2. keating Says:

    i have come to the conclusion that fashion isn’t practical.

  3. c willow Says:

    I love the pink snakeskin even though is on the tacky side. But you should have an ambuluance on call if yur gonna wear them

  4. Gloria Guinness Says:

    Instant mental visuals? Jayne Mansfield. Transvestites. Divine. Sprained ankles. Sideshow freaks. Broken ankles. Venetian whores. Edo geishas. Basically, the hobbling of women to fashion. A visual delight? Yes. A structural and lifestyle failure? Definitely.

  5. Ian Brown Says:

    wixcked cool

  6. Walter Says:

    Fantasticos zapatos, comparto la idea de que rememoran a Divas Del Travestismo. Fetiche en su maxima expresión. Pero es así mismo otra pieza que deja de lado al actor, que lo destruye (tal cual su nombre). Si Naomi no pudo con ellos, quien podría? El arte por encima de todos, de todo. La nueva pregunta es: el fetiche se transforma en arte o es el arte quien es visto como el nuevo fetiche?
    Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  7. Laurie Aron Says:

    What Gloria Guinness says, but for structural and lifestyle failure? I’m not sure if Naomi Campbell’s falling out of the shoes is a sign of structural failure. It’s like a car falling off the Corniche. It can happen. And it all depends on your lifestyle. Perfect, as Ms. Guiness points out, for the Venetian whore, or the Westwood fancier.

  8. kathy Says:

    I’d be extremely cool wearing these shoes with my favorite dress in the collection - the Willa Cather/Sunday church number

  9. marge Says:

    carmen miranda looked great in them; and she could aLSO DANCE IN THEM.

  10. Ann Blair Says:

    These shoes require that one be carried about in a sedan chair. I, for one, would dearly love to see this mode of transport resurrected.

  11. Zoe Says:

    I am 6 years old and I like these shoes. I would wear them but I am not sure they would be very comfortable.

  12. Mer Says:

    Poor Naomi, she will remember this creation FOR EVER… :-)

  13. kristine Says:

    Whether one likes or dislikes Vivienne Westwood’s designs, we must all admit that she was well ahead of her time. I saw her retrospective show at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco and found myself thinking, “I have seen this all before”. However, when I read the dates that the work had been produced I found myself in awe, for something that might depict the 1990’s trends where items influenced by clothing she’d produced almost a decade or more earlier!
    I like the shoes. One can respond in disgust, however it appears that what is being responded to is the message the shoes convey more than anything else. The fact that you are responding negatively to the blatant sexuality only makes it more brilliant in my opinion for it reveals that Westwood was clear in her message. Get it?

  14. Moo Says:

    Hot, would wear. The leather and rounded toe keep them from looking hookerish.

  15. eltone Says:

    YUK! tico-tacky. help I’m ffffaaaaallllliiiiiiiinnnggg!!! THUD!

  16. rachelu Says:

    So amazing

  17. Tian Zhang Says:

    ugh wow that’s bright!

  18. ALBERTO Says:

    These shoes are voluptousylly, like Vivienne. She´s the FASHION.

  19. js Says:

    I have a slightly higher pair of these (the super-elevated ghillie broges) in green and I can honestly say theyre not that hard to walk in! because the toe has a platform its just like wearing a normal heel, only a few inches elevated.
    These arent the ones naomi wore, they were the super-elevated ghillie brogues in purple I think and alot higher! There were some fantastic variations too, I recommend the “Vivienne Westwood Shoes” book which is available on amazon.

  20. La Bricoleuse Says:

    I concur with the previous poster–having worn platform shoes of this height and even higher, they may appear hard to walk in but aren’t something crippling or dangerous. I used to wear Luichiny platforms twice this high to dance clubs for years! They take a little getting used to and, but are hardly something you need to be carried around in. Look out for uneven terrain and you’re set!

    Thanks for this exhibit, i hope to get around to seeing it in person before it closes, but the blog opportunity in the interim is really a genius way to expand the viewership!

  21. Lucy Kessler Says:

    Wow, there is something to be said about dying to be a fashionista–only a true fashionista would have been caught dead in those things!!

  22. James Says:

    Westwood…was she the first to bring back the fetishistic platform? It’s a fantastic style and color, though not for everyone. I’d pay to work with people who dressed like this. [Sidebar: I found her bondage jeans…displayed in another window…at a consignment shop. They are quite comfortable and flattering. I thank the museum for revealing the fact that the leg opening is suppossed to be high…and I like the boot you put with it. I also had no idea the date was as early as 1977!]

  23. Ashley Says:

    Very creative but I would never wear any heels with that toe shape. Talk about blisters.

  24. torben Says:

    poor or not Naomi is always Naomi!

  25. Ire Says:

    this shoes are famous for Naomi’s fall…i supposed!?

  26. Joshua Cartwright Says:

    Shocking and pink, probably very hard to walk in.

  27. Stephanie Caldwell Says:

    Not made for any walking. Probably not designed by a woman.

  28. charles balls Says:


  29. Julia L Says:

    Although they are absolutley funky in every possible way, I can’t deny that they are pretty cool. These shoes are probably IMPOSSIBLE to walk in, and they are made of snake skin, which I can’t agree with, they’re pretty awsome.

  30. Eliza W. Says:

    I like these shoes because you can’t find them in any store. They are different than other shoes. I proboly would wear them but they would have to go really well with what i’m wearing.

    here’s a tip, not good walking shoes i think.

  31. Laura Says:

    Definitely hooker shoes. It was an instant reaction. I don’t even think they’re that great from a design perspective. Just because someone big makes something doesn’t mean it’s suitable for this kind of exhibit.

  32. Peter G Says:

    I have been fascinated by fashion early on in life through films. As a young person coming of age in the early 80’s, Vivienne Westwood is the hallmark of what influenced my visual style and taste.
    Those infamous purple platforms worn by Naomi Campbell is perhaps the most fashionable moment in the history of fashion presentations. As well as the mini-crini, corsets, and of course, the pirates.

    Long Live Queen Vivienne, may you reign for a thousand years!

  33. js Says:

    I also disagree with whoever said they werent great from a design perspective. All her shoes are quite genius and make you walk completely differently to any other ‘designer’ heels. They have a curve at the front too, if you look, so your feet kind of roll, its like walking on air and hers are actually some of the most comfortable shoes to wear Ive found.
    This is just one variation she did in this style, there are sooo many in different colours, heights, materials and shapes.
    There IS a kind of auto-irony in them, which is why I like them.
    Cant wait for them to upload photos of the pink ballgown from A/W 05! one of my favourites.

  34. pete Says:


  35. beth Says:

    makes me feel 20 again!

  36. Hilary Says:

    It totally sucks

  37. Frédérique Mengard Says:

    Those shoes come from the a/w 1990 collection of Vivienne Westwood : I remember tansvestites and drag queens were in fashion in the 90’s and posed frequently for magazines like Vogue and Glamour.
    It is curious to see that in those years the aesthetic references for women were the illusion of feminity and female impersonation (when we think for example at the long-line bras with cone-shaped cups of Jean-Paul Gaultier worn by Madonna on her Blonde Ambition Tour). Women had to be inspired by men who dress in a female gender role with exagerated characteristics of feminity.
    Such platform shoes are of course not really weareable, but they are very interesting and reveal a new perception of feminity. After the unisex trends of the 70’s they seemed to signify that women were allowed to reappropriate the codes of feminity and to exhibit them to the whole world without feeling guilty.

  38. hank Says:

    Fashion is a big waste of time and money.

  39. Sandy Says:

    I dragged my dad to this exhibit so I could waste his time and money in an attempt to give him some culture. Fashion is art for the streets. Our lives would be a lot less colorful without it!

  40. SamPinks Says:

    Its hard to look at shoes like these in 2008 without the mind slipping directly to drag queens. Perhaps Westwood would like that, though.

  41. Agnes Says:

    OMG! Would totally wear these shoes…and wouldn’t fall!

  42. sabrina hinson Says:

    hooker much?
    cute color, not for classy.

  43. tom h Says:

    they are for prostitutes.

  44. Andreas Says:

    There’s only one word to describe these shoes: Scarey.

  45. bella Says:

    i love them, except every time i see them i have visions of the spice girls . . .

  46. Charlotte/Lila Says:

    OMG they are a cool color and a high height.

  47. Amy Says:

    Why do you use phrases like “epater le bourgeouis” in a show intended for the general public? Can you honestly say you believe a reasonable percentage of visitors understand what this means? (Along with words like “dandiacal,” “necromantic,” and “retarditaire,” all of which I saw casually employed in texts for this show.) It screams of petty pretension, as if the curator putting this show together (perhaps self-conciously defending fashion as art worthy of display in a museum) is using huge words in order to rationalize/intellectualize what’s on display–or perhaps, even the existence of his/her department. In the future, please just tell us about the works of fashion we are seeing in clear, useful language that informs rather than condescends. I know it’s probably seen as educational, but I imagine most visitors find it alienating. I know I do–and I both studied art history and work in a museum. A museum whose name rhymes with “stoma.”

  48. Carolyn Says:

    I could not walk in these shoes!

  49. Molly Says:

    They are very flashy.

    p.s.I think they would look good on my mom.


  50. Fu Huan Says:

    I think The pink SHOES looked Wierd and funny.

    I AM 7 years old

  51. jimmy Unger Says:

    Those pink shoes shoes are very 70’s. They look like giant pieces of bubble gum and probably hurt your feet if you wear them. Gloria Bunker wore a piece like these in “All In The Family” in 1972

  52. Parker Says:


  53. Laurie Says:

    As the clothes became more modern they seemed to have less elegance.
    I loved the red taffeta dress byMadame Gres(done in the 70s) I have to say that the Chanel Boots were my favorite shoes!

  54. colin costello Says:

    these shoes are ugly

  55. Alana Says:

    I hate them!,there ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Justin Says:

    In a strange way, this entire comments section is a testament to how brilliant these shoes are, because they’re just that, SHOES. People debating shoes!

    Only a handful of designers could take credit for making a pair of shoes controversial and infamous.

    Personally, I love them. They’re whitty and, knowing Vivienne Westwood, completely ironic. They aren’t meant to be classy, or tasteful, or practical and once you let go of those expectations you can look at them as the purely silly and fabulously rediculous shoes that they are.


    AHHH…hookers boots. so thats where i saw them

  58. Fabs Says:

    they are freak and funny!!

  59. EGGS Says:


  60. Alexa Says:

    These hot pink, patent leather, crocodile skin shoes are cute and stylish. With those super high heels, these shoes will probably force you to wear an ankle brace so you don’t damage your ankle. I can definitely see these shoes being worn in the future.

  61. Ziba Says:

    These shoes have very high heels, but i think they have a very type of disco theme.

  62. Julia Says:

    The pink shoes have very high heels and would be very hard to walk in.

  63. Danique Says:

    I think these shoes are very hip and funky.They remind me of people from the 70s who danced in the streets.I cant imagine someone in 2008 wearing these shoes on a daily basis.If I had to wear these shoes all day for 24 hours,I think my feet would fall off.If Naomi Campbell,one of the best supermodels today wore them, and fell right on her bottom,I dot think a regular person could either. If someome does wear them,I think that they should have an ambulance on call…

  64. Vivian Alterio Says:

    The color it’s great!
    But, I don’t think someone wants to walk around the Metropolitan Art Museum with these pair!!!

  65. Jean Francois Mouloud Gregory Says:

    Omg ! I love them so much =)
    If I have them, I will be the happiest man in the world ^^

  66. Vera Says:

    It would take someone very strong willed to be able to walk in these, let alone dance in them!

  67. Ra Says:

    Hawt to trot

  68. Marcus Says:

    Nobody wears flat-front any more.

  69. Shirley Says:

    i think we should donate these to the spice girls
    or someone should wear them to a spice girls concert….
    anyways these are pretty cool….but would kill your ankles…

  70. Jennifer Says:

    What she was thinking when she designed this heels is beyond me. If anybody is able to walk in them, they are amazing.

  71. mtb Says:

    These shoes are funny, sexy and cruel at the same time. They are completely impractical and yet they are strong in their total “shoeness.”

  72. Naeema & Lauren Says:

    these shoes are soooo 70s. No one should ever wear these

  73. Monk Says:

    I think these are disgusting. My friend Jessa finds them very cute, she is not the brightest crayon in the box -_-

    p.s. kyle thought this was ancient Egyptian art, WOW

  74. jyp Says:

    j’adore vivienne westwood!!

  75. Erik Martinez Says:

    I don’t consider myself a fashion expert. I’m a second year architecture student who hasn’t understood fashion, but wears it. However upon thought I think I don’t understand it because I’ve always wondered why it looks so overly non-programmatic. These shoes are a great example of that, they have no mechanical function to the anatomy of the leg. However their program (which I hadn’t realized) is more about aesthetics, culture and a certain visual satisfaction, which for some, like any fashion object, these shoes achieve through the evocation of the pornlike aesthetic.

  76. lara Says:

    don’t these shoes belong to RuPaul?

  77. lUIGI Says:

    The orthopedic surgeon’s delight.

  78. Russell Says:

    Can I get these in a men’s 12?

  79. Bridgette Bartlett aka Bsquared Says:

    Ya gotta love Westwood’s comedic take on fashion. She doesn’t take herself or her design’s too seriously. Yet she manages to always allow her extrodinary talent to shine through. While she is typically noted for her sexy, over-the-top creations, she also manages to show a subtle, sophisticated approach to fashion as indicated in the gorgeous pink gown in this same exhibition.

    British designers are so widely overlooked by the mainstream fashion industry. (The masses don’t show up for London Fashion Week the way they do for the shows in NY, Paris and Milan.) I like that this exhibit took the time to acknowledge their brillance. I did hope that there would be a broader scope of cultures included in the exhibit. The pieces by Alexander McQueen are noteworthy as well. But, there is a heavy respresentation of European and American designers. I would have really enjoyed viewing work from Eastern, African and non-White designers as well. Yeah, they do exist.

  80. BL Says:

    Westwood was one of the first mainstream designers to capture a bored but wealthy audience who needed something new. Her audience wanted to look cool instead of pretty. These impractical, and yes - tacky, shoes are perfect tribute to the era and her customers.

  81. Luis de Andrade Peixoto Says:

    Poor Naomi… It was a tragic and magic Fashion moment for all the records…

  82. Lily Monir Matini, Esq. Says:

    a little much

  83. Malca Says:

    They’re made out of snake.

  84. san Says:

    i like

  85. Chloe Says:

    I love the juxtaposition of mixing sex with fashion. You almost imagine them being worn by a model dressed as a high class call girl in luxourious lingere and these shows walking down a runway with a crimson train.

  86. nyasia Says:

    i love those pink shoes they are flasshy

  87. neli Says:

    The color flashes but in the olden days they had done them by hand to accesorise the work that has been done by the people who did it and polished it. It has over done the color of it.

  88. morganaugustine Says:

    those are hott.

  89. Charlene Says:

    Just drop this off on Scooby Doo!

  90. Amber Says:

    Two words: Baby Spice. Circa 94.

  91. Ted Han Says:

    Amazing…simply amazing.

  92. sara Says:


  93. Miley C Says:

    Stripperish, and intense. Definetly intense. Definetly.

  94. Miley Cyrus Says:

    omg i have theseee

  95. Lyris Says:

    Yes, Amber. “Two words: Baby Spice. Circa 94″. Totally.

  96. DoDo Says:

    A pink explosion with a fetish touch - these crazy shoes are typical for crazy Vivienne ;)

  97. John McCain Says:

    These are PERFECT for the campaign trail. They go over really big with my party.

  98. Raghav inder Says:

    i like when they are so high.
    they are so cool.
    i love them.
    they are asom

  99. Haddar kaplun Says:

    i like the shoes when they are so high.
    they are so cool.
    they are so cool.
    i love them.
    they are awsome.

  100. Michelle Santana Says:

    Deez shoez r mad ugliez

  101. Tyler Says:

    These are cool designs. I think they arent that bad.

  102. Dave Says:

    They are really Pink!

  103. safira yasmine Says:

    Why do fashion designers waste their time on designs such as these? While much of what is seen in this exhibit can, at some level, be considered “art,” why is it considered fashion? Great fashion should inspire its viewer to a higher sense of creativity, stimulate the imagination, evoke a greater sensuality, or at an minimum inspire the viewer to look attractive or improve their own presentation. There is case that this may be considered artwork, but fashion……?

  104. miranda Says:

    These are ‘candy shoes’. They look a delicious peice of bubble gum, or a shiney jaw breaker. Great to look at, but I don’t think anybody could wear these with out ankle injuries.

  105. Samantha Says:

    These look like disco shoes!

  106. lily Says:

    A little too high and a little too bright

  107. z Says:

    i adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee those. very victoria beckham.

  108. Myra L. Says:

    oh my god, shoes

  109. KIKI Says:

    These shoes are not ment to be practical. This is simply a case of thinking outside the box for artistic purposes and wishing that fashion didn’t have to be so darn uncomfortable!

  110. Laurie Aron Says:

    Upon long consideration, I decided I love these shoes–not love at first sight, but a growing fondness. The color is genius–with red or chartreuse tights or even a pale pink. And they don’t look any more uncomfortable than today’s platform pumps. The platformed upper sole keeps the relative heel height, and thus the verticality of the foot at a minimum, and flat fronts are easier on the toes than points.

    Pumps, in and of themselves, are difficult, though. I, like so many people, have feet of sufficiently different sizes that one shoe is always a little too big. I have to take my pumps to the shoe maker and design them into mary janes or ankle straps. Ankle straps for these, I think, if editorializing a designer’s finished work is allowed. I think that preserves the subversive quality, rather than taming them.

  111. Jessie G Says:

    these shoes are super cool i would wear them

  112. jessica Says:

    i really love these shoes. I don’t know if i would wear them but they are very cool and fashionable

  113. Brooke Says:

    these are fabulous shoes!!

  114. lisa Says:

    Is this what society (and The Met) has become?


  115. Laurie Aron Says:

    On a separate note, and twisting threads to get back to those pink shoes, a neighbor just left me some shoes she promised me that she thought I’d like: red patent quarter-strap open toe sandals with a 2 1/2 inch platform sole and a 6 inch heel. Unfortunately, they’re in size 5! I don’t go to quite such heights with shoes, but this lady often admires what I wear, and she’s an artist too, and I think she bought the shoes because they were cool to look at, not because she would ever wear them. She’s more of an earth shoes sort of person. They’re not Westwood. They’re some cheap fetish brand she picked up in Florida. You have to go really luxe to get away with a 6-inch heel without looking like a fetish shoe, it seems to me, and the Westwood shoes are definitely not fetish shoes.

  116. Miley101 Says:

    PINK is my favorite color. If these were really popular and my friends wore them, I would wear them!!!! JK!! The material used was very interesting and they are so cool looking!!!!

    P.S. Is that comment really from Miley Cyrus? Reply if so!!!!

  117. Natalia Savitskaia Says:

    This shoes are fabulous. A real piece of art. The woman must feel fabulous wearing them. I was suppressed to see how well-worn they were. Someone must really love the shoes (it is hard to imagine that the owner didn’t have other shoes to wear) and they must be pretty comfortable. Mid-nightblue cocktail dress wouldcomplement the shoes. I can see Carrie Bradshaw running on the streets of Manhattan in this shoes.

  118. lady reckless Says:

    these shoes are so hot, i would wear them myself , if they were black.

  119. Regina Says:

    I thought that these pink platforms by Vivienne Westwood were really cool. They looked like something from the 60’s but I was shocked to find out they were actually made in the 1990’s. I really thought that these shoes looked funcky and hip at the same time. Even though I would never wear them, I could see how they could be considered high fashion and used in fashion shows at that time.

  120. clara Says:


  121. Lola Says:

    Looks like my shoes from the seventies!!

  122. Nicole Rynee Barnes Says:

    These shoes exude sex-appeal, eccentricity, confidence and absolute luxury! I saw them in person at the Vivienne Westwood Exhibit in SF a number of months ago… I was trying to figure out a way to get them in my handbag … ;)

  123. ALEXANDRA :) Says:

    its so SPICE GIRL ishhhhh .. sooo 5 years ago ! jajaja

  124. Mariana* Says:


  125. Emily Says:

    I LOVE the opink snakeskin, though on a patent platform it looks a bit tacky. the fabric would make for a fabulous bag though!

  126. Pnyessa Says:

    These shoes are so cute…way past cute: A-dorable!!

  127. Valentine Says:

    I am extremely fond of these shoes. They are pink (my favorite color), for one thing, and they are extravagent! I would definetly wear these shoes on a special occasion!

  128. Sierra Says:

    I love these shoes they are really nice, I like the color of them t oo. that kind of pink is one of my favorite colors.

  129. heidi Says:

    Seems like something I would wear :) . They don’t seem that unstable.

  130. Grace Says:

    They are really cool! I’ve never seen shoes like that! It’s really interesting to see that because no one really makes shoes like that. Annie Roo likes the color because it is very PINK! It looks kind of like a snake skin? .

  131. Camille Says:

    I really like the shoes they are so 1970’s but it was made in the 1990’s and they are fabulous!

  132. Abigail Says:

    At first sight of these shoes I judged that they were made in the ’70s but I was tricked and they were actually made in the unexpected time of 1990

  133. Rachel Says:

    These are so fun! I can’t imagine wearing them, but I think that the color is flashy and out there. Very disco-ish and cool.

  134. rose Says:

    they’re totes fab,
    but also totes inapprops.
    poor naomi—good thing she didnt wear these during community service!!!

  135. Ashlee Brown Says:

    Out of all the marvelous pieces I saw at the exhibit I will never forget these. What a 5th graders dream? These capture the early nineties retro disco way and would be a great compliment to a belly top and sequin mini-skirt. I truly think someday these will be back in style and we will wonder to ourselves how girls walk in them (even though we did in the early nineties) I just think these are a classic…like high heels on steroids. I think they will be burned in my mind forever as the heels I would love to own but be slightly embarrassed to wear.

  136. Thomas Ford (MMC) Says:

    I love everything Vivienne Westwood; so, why not this piece, too? Everything about the shoes: the style, the color, the structure, the texture, makes a statement. In a way, the shoes, presumably being worn by a female, elevate her in more than just the physical world. She’s seen as something much more than a woman wearing outlandishly loud shoes. She, herself, is now making a statement, a powerful one to which the average joe must pay attention.

    Where am I going with all of this?

    I just think that the shoes make more of a statement than people think. There’s a covert power in the design of these shoes-gaudy, bulky, over the top, but nonetheless incredibly feminine, as most people correlate the color PINK with women. The shoes tell us that a woman can be both, powerful AND feminine, which is the statement I presume most women who WOULD wear these shoes would want to project.

  137. Thomas Says:

    I love everything Vivienne Westwood; so, why not this piece, too? Everything about the shoes: the style, the color, the structure, the texture, makes a statement. In a way, the shoes, presumably being worn by a female, elevate her in more than just the physical world. She’s seen as something much more than a woman wearing outlandishly loud shoes. She, herself, is now making a statement, a powerful one to which the average joe must pay attention.

    Where am I going with all of this?

    I just think that the shoes make more of a statement than people think. There’s a covert power in the design of these shoes-gaudy, bulky, over the top, but nonetheless incredibly feminine, as most people correlate the color PINK with women. The shoes tell us that a woman can be both, powerful AND feminine, which is the statement I presume most women who WOULD wear these shoes would want to project..

  138. Danielle Says:

    I thought that these shoes were very fashion savvy and represent an era of time. The shoe is a great color and makes a statement in itself. The platform has come back into fashion so many times just at different levels. The wedge shoe is today’s platform.

  139. Alicia M Says:

    Vivienne Westwood shoes autumn/winter 1990. Her hot pink crocodile-embosses patent leather shoes are outrageously high heel shoes. Famous model Naomi Campbell tripped on the catwalk wearing a purple pair. If supermodel Naomi Campbell cannot walk in these heels, then who can? I loved them because they caught my eye and they remind me of high fashion.

  140. csovern Says:

    These boots were not made for walking! Even though I would never pick them out to wear I do love the pink snakeskin. The height of the heels are very rare today, but snakeskin is very prevalent. These shoes prove two points: beauty is pain and fashion is not always practical!

  141. Rachel Bauer Says:

    Vivienne Westwood is and will always be my favorite designer. I absolutely love her daring ways of exploiting the sensitivities of others, but beautifully. These shoes as so comic, and quaint, but wonderful at the same time. I can just see these paired with a mini crinoline.

  142. Brittany Says:

    I love the shoes but I could never wear them. I would break my ankle even before I walked out of my house. I suppose thats why they are in the museum.

  143. Crystal Leasher Says:

    When browsing the exhibit, these shoes caught my eye immediately. Overall, a very ‘fun’ shoe! Not to mention the color and construction are amazing. The only other additional thought that I have is, NO WONDER NAOMI FELL!!!

  144. Lindsey Baker Says:

    After seeing these shoes it made total sense that Viviene Westwood designed these, it just fits in so perfectly with her crazy style.

  145. Kristy Says:

    I really enjoyed seeing these. Naomi’s fall instantly came to mind. They are loud, unpractical and flashy. It is a perfect example of Viviene’s style. The spice girls also come to mind, but these shoes have a unique shape and are not your typical platform. They are also constructed well.

  146. Jennifer F Says:

    After reading several of the posts at the beginning of this blog, I couldn’t help but laughing at all of the comments about hookers, transvestites, and sprained ankles. But the creativity and originality that Vivienne Westwood brought to the table when creating these marvelous shoes is what makes her the legendary designer that she is. Although they have a special time and place, these shoes are so exciting and just like Mulvagh noted in her book, these shoes could make a 20 year old woman AND a 60 year old woman feel unbelievably sexy!

  147. Thomas Avilla Says:

    loves it.

  148. lore nzia balmer Says:

    coming here was an excellent experience.

  149. Raymond Robinson Says:

    so amazing…

  150. Aviana Charles Says:

    most of the things weren’t wearable, but thought the hot pink stripper shoes were the most up to date but a bit dramatic.

  151. Chucks Says:

    SOOO COOL - they need to bring these hot pairs back!!

  152. Kallie Says:

    These shoes are big but pretty and I think that many people would like to wear them.

    Kallie Age 9

  153. Eve Says:

    Fabulous! They remind me of Divine and of drag queens.

  154. briana Says:

    hey i like these shoes do u??

  155. jada tedder Says:

    now this is my type of shoe because it’s pink which is my favorite color and i love high hile shoe’s

  156. katie Says:

    these shoes are FIT!

  157. Kallie Says:

    THOSE PUMPS ARE SOOOOOOO HOT. I would wear them! I LOVE that they’re pink, since pink is me all time FAVORITE COLOR. You should have more unique stuff like that. XOXOXOXO

  158. Sandra Says:

    they are wonderful, for the world! i want to bhy them, but i am to youg…
    but they are great, super, i like the color

  159. Martin Says:

    So the Met embraces Web 2.0, but is it a meaningful interaction or just lip service to distant cultural trends? How does my comment truly affect this exhibition?

  160. ian dugdale Says:

    simply divine !

  161. Sarah Hope Smith Says:

    brilliant my favoureite was the hair made out of hat!i spent a full hour here without realisation!its amazing!

  162. freddy Says:

    Oh la la love Vivienne!

  163. Ben Says:

    there is only one way to describes these shoes… ~FABULOUS~

  164. Emily dockrill Says:

    awesome job westwood

  165. Esme E Says:

    I love pink and these shoes I`ll totaly wear these any day.

  166. Fiona Says:

    wierd punk shoes.

  167. Triple Rainbow Says:

    These shoes are really cool and cute.I would wear them.

  168. papi007 Says:

    deez are hott

  169. Kyra Says:

    How do you walk?

  170. Marianne Lockly Says:

    ifthe SPICE GIRLS wore this then I WOULD MOST DEFINITLY wear them! They are sooo pretty and glamorous, they also make women’s legs look miiiiles longer and thinner. They require a certain personality type , but if you want to make-over your personality, then these heels would be Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! The idea here is to EXPAND your “repitoi” and try these bad girls out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. Lana Says:

    These boots are AMAZZZZ

    you should supply them IN EVERY STORE ON THE _______ PLANET

    SPICEY GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  172. Fashiona Libreanezambiano Says:

    These shoes are hideous.

  173. Bob Says:

    i love them they are so sexy

  174. Carla the Marvelous Says:

    These are fabulous, and I can’t help but think poorly of anyone who thinks otherwise. I would wear them in a hot minute. A pity the previous owner’s feet were clearly too big…

  175. Syd Says:

    Wow! They certainly pop! I would wear them, as long as I didn’t fall!

  176. presley Says:

    these shoes remind me of something that the Twisted Sisters would wear.

  177. Elizabeth Peteya Says:

    I love the shoes even though if i walked in them i’d probably die.

  178. Jess Says:

    My legs are tired…these shoes don’t help…T_T

  179. Lily Says:

    I don’t think any one could walk around in these for more than a couple minutes! The look so heavy and clunky! Reminds me of Spice Girlssssss

  180. rose Says:

    I adore the hot pink color of these crocodile skin shoes! She has done a stunning job. The hidden platform at the bottom has come back into style. I think they are gorgeous!

  181. Delilah Says:

    When I first saw these shoes i first thought I wonder what htose would feel like if you wore them but then I thought they are so awesome and really good looking

  182. Elsie Says:

    hahaha those shoes are awsome but my legs look tired just looking at them! as people have said, gooo spice girls!

  183. shay Says:

    These pink snake shoes are perfect for the fashion world. Not really my type but these shoes are deffinetly fashion foward.

  184. robert Says:

    i would really wear these shoes if they had them in mY size “15″. a boy could really show his stuff off and believe me me I got lots of stuff.

  185. jaoisj Says:

    how tall are they!?!

  186. Carles Says:

    What’s the meaning of zeitgeist?

    Thank you.

  187. Wayne Parsons Says:

    At a time of hyperventilating consumerism these defiantly transgressive shoes shout “Take that, bourgeois scum!”

    But who are the bourgeois scum? Those who design these shoes? Those who make them? Those who sell them? Those who buy them? Those who wear them? Those who exhibit them? Those who view them? Or those who write about them?

    Perhaps there is enough complicity to go around.

  188. Becky Says:

    The spice girls would be so proud…

    just saw them in concert at madison square, and they still are wearing these shoes! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH… WE NEED MORE OF THESE IN THE STORES.

  189. Sydney N. Says:

    These shoes are hot but that look like they are from the 60’s or 70’s, but I would wear them

  190. Olivia Says:

    the polka doted shoes were very colorful… they would match any outfit….. they are different…. i am not any art person but they are definatly HOT!

  191. molly Says:

    these shoes are so cool!!!!!! they look like future shoes. i would wear them on halloween. i like them :)

  192. Kelly Says:

    These boots are so different than anything else in blog.mode:addressing fashion. In a way they sort of look like the polka-dot boots.

  193. Kayla/Super Star Says:

    I love the dress, but i don’t like what it is made of.I have long black hair and if she/he made me cut my hair i would DIE.I want to see shoes made of hair and a dress too.

  194. Honor Bailey-Rosse Says:

    wow! i love these shoes! pink is my favourite colour! i have purple platform boots a bit like that but i dont wear them that much because they are very big.

  195. winona glascock Says:

    Does anyone else hear legally Blonde?
    I do.
    I don’t wear tiese types of things, but they are surely noticeable

  196. ELLIE Says:


  197. jessica Says:


  198. Frances Says:

    These boots are a little too high for me. But, if you like high heels then… GO FOR IT!

  199. lulu Says:

    these shoes are awsome they’re a little 80’s but the 80’s are back baby

  200. Jessica Says:

    Very Barbie but stylin!

  201. Megan Says:

    So cute :)

  202. markusJ Says:

    Those shoes are the ugliest thing I saw in a while. Where is her sens of proportion, her feeling for dimensions? Maybe she have had a lot of humor while designing it…

  203. SarahIsWonderful Says:

    These shoes are fabulous! I need a pair stat.

  204. Catherine Wong Says:

    For the turn of the decade, where shoulder-pads and neon colors of the 80’s were beginning to subside to the beginning of a more minimalist approach that was richer in color, these Vivienne Westwood shoes, though for the purpose of the fashion show, seem as though they are back tracking as opposed to being fashion forward. Westwood IS known for her bold and daring statements, so these hot pink snakeskin shoes don’t come as much of a surprise.

  205. Chelsea Hahn Says:

    These hot pink leather platform pumps are a revival of the past. They remind me of a pair of shoes I would have found in a store window during the 1960s. I do not think i would be able to walk in these shoes but they are a accessory to have in ones wardrobe. For a halloween party of a dress of party of any kind would serve these pumps justice but I do not think the general public would take well to these shoes today. Maybe if we were in Vegas in a casino and I was a show girl, I would use these pair of pumps everyday,but not in my everyday life.

  206. Maddie Hester Says:

    Looks like they would hurt to walk in but hey, maybe if you fell, some handsome man would pick you up and offer to buy you dinner as he carried you in his strong muscular tan arms to the emergency room. How Romantic!

    Haha, I’m sure this was Vivianne Westwood’s, one of the foremost designer of punk fashion, underlying and true intentions.

  207. maddie Says:

    are there really hot pink alligators or are they dyed???

  208. Dara Says:

    These shoos are pink. The heels are high.

  209. Samlaurenjesssookris Says:

    one word: pain.

    THESE scream “I’M A PROSTITUTE!”

    totally unpractical, i dont get it.

  210. ARuderman Says:

    these shoes are a little to high in my opinion but they are cute. i’d so wear them if i lived when those were in style i love them.

  211. bigwill321 Says:

    i would look sooooo hot in that!!!

  212. kenditto Says:

    awww.. the shoes that made Niaome fall ;-(

  213. Joelle Says:

    Westwood is a geneous! These shoes are fabulous!

  214. Isabel Says:

    It would be great to try these on.Also,these designers should make clothes for the

  215. Lindsey M Says:

    These shoes conjure up many personal and dark images o fboth who we are publicly and behind closed doors… They are not only a statement an individuals confidence and self awareness yet a distinct sub culture

  216. neil Says:


  217. Laura Says:

    Idont know what to think, at first I thought “wow” and then I thought the Spice Girls….. Im undecided :)

  218. KEVIN Says:

    Love the pink…but you would have to wear ankle braces in oreder to prevent breaking.

  219. Adrien Says:

    It would take a true girly girl to wear these. I would totally wear them. Anyone want to pay my medical bill after wearing these shoes? they kinda remind me of the cher show. Don’t you think so?

  220. John Says:

    I believe High Heels should be banned. They cause much too much damage to the feet of “usually” women. They also are another symbol of female objectification.

  221. micaela Says:

    Very barbie-ish! I like them and think they are sort of bizarre and painful looking!

  222. katie Says:


  223. Emily Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color pink! It is my favorite color! These shoes are soo beastly and the! I wish I lived back then to be able to wear these shoes! It would definatly make me look tall and look good with a mini skirt!j

  224. EMMA D Says:

    can you say PORN STAR?

  225. Maeve Says:

    Totaly moi!!

  226. ann Says:


  227. izzy Says:

    these shoes are fun and peppy and i love them

  228. Roberta Says:

    Vivienne Westwood’s heels are so often this high, so I knew they were hers the minute I saw them at the exhibit. They are loud and they have a very disco elegance that I find to be somewhat charming.

  229. Zora Says:

    Retro back to the early 1970s. . .Imagine walking from East 3rd and 82nd to East 57th and Park . . . Yep . . . Shoes just like these were stylish and I walked and walkd and walked in ‘em. . . In the 70s you didn’t have cross trainers. So at the end of a busy day you just walked in your work shoes .. . Glad those days are over. . . These shoes make your legs look beautiful but don’t walk in them like I did.. . Ouch. . .

  230. MARTINA Says:


  231. Lulu_Kristen Says:

    All the stuff here is so amazing!! i cant believe all of this stuff was once used or worn!! its jus so amazing and awsome!!!

  232. Jen Says:

    The shoes were fabulous in their design. The above negative comments due not surprise me. The individuals that I listened to make comments during the exhibit appeared to be completely void of any sense of fashion or style. My recommendation…A little couture is good for the soul.

  233. Ashley Says:

    Though many would think it would be hard to wear these shoes they were ment as a fabulous colecters item, not to be worn.

  234. sohn Says:

    wonderful shoes beautiful ,sexy and cruel..^^;

  235. Riley Says:

    These pumps are a true masterpiece. I am not kidding you guys.

  236. Kevin R Says:

    These shoes were not made for walking. But who cares: they’re wonderful.

  237. Wendy Says:

    Very fatastic shoes. But I can’t wear walking

  238. Carina Kahane Says:

    I love pink! OMG, so funky!

  239. Annie Says:

    love them!!!!!

  240. Rick Says:

    Hmmm. what’s so great about that big massive “sole”? Not exactly elegant on skinny legs. Plus, where’s the uniqueness? Things like that exist since forever and the shape looks like it’s a third price winner at the Tirana shoe convention in 1981!

  241. le 2 p...........from italy Says:

    Hi!!we are in New York for a week….it`s beautiful!!Wonderful!!!!!this museum too…!!!byebye Giulia Virginia!!!

  242. meimi1995529 Says:


  243. Harold Winston Says:

    HAHA! these shoes are hotttt!

  244. jaxoxo Says:

    these shoes are amazing! who cares if u cant walk?

  245. Clarity Says:

    What distinguishes the difference between 9th Avenue Sex Shop window and featured museum display? I would guess that it is the person who created it but to follow that train of thought would make it true that if Galliano crapped on a plate it would be more inspired than the homeless person on 8th ave who has truly refined his crap into art

  246. Jenna Says:

    These shoes are totaly awesome!! they look like they were made out of leather. how were they turned pink? that remains the question… but i have these shoes at home and they are really comfortable. its actually easy to walk in them. but they are wickedly HOTTTT!!!!!!

  247. Holly Says:

    these shoes are awesome. but i would never wear them would u????

  248. Billy(the gay one) Says:

    I would definetly want to wear this. They would match my pink dress that I recently wore to eat. Thank you so much for showing this shoes. You made my day. Now im not affraid to show who I am.

  249. friends Says:

    wow, those shoes are…. HIP!!!! I just hope i wouldnt trip…..
    BBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy the muesum!

  250. Maggie C. Says:

    These shoes are totally perfect for a 60s disco night! They kinda look like those shoes that are called platform shoes. Oooh they are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!

  251. Laure Says:

    This is just incredible. i love these shoes !!!
    they are so pink and irrestible :D

  252. lo Says:

    omg all these garmets (spelling?) are all amazing
    i love it

  253. lo Says:

    ok so all these peices are cute and some things youn caan even wear in todays soctioty it is so inspiring

  254. Ruthy Says:

    although they are high and bright they are a brilliant design!
    i want a pair for me please!!

  255. jane Says:

    Talk about HIGH HEALS, these shoes are totaly awesome. Did she make other pairs? I would totaly wear them, I wonder what her flats would look like? What if she could make heals for NYC (with no blisters) as soon as i saw these shoes i was like “i need to get me a pair of these”

  256. Marieke Says:

    What a shoes! Very lovely and pink!:D

    (The Netherlands)

  257. RobC Says:


  258. Belinda Says:

    I love these shoes their sooo vintage! But i wonder how they walked in them ! x

  259. abi Says:

    hey guys, we’re from birmingham in England.
    The dresses are quality and perfection.

  260. Emily, Alison and Jenna. Says:

    J’adore these shoes!

    Would wear them clubbing =].. would hurt after a bit though tbf.

  261. michaela Says:

    they look straight out of “Legally Blonde”

  262. gia vuctr Says:

    hot sike. poor her because she has to wear the all day

  263. Moiria Curry Says:

    My first reaction to these shoes was Wow, what a shame it is that these shoes are hardly functional! I’m afraid that if I owned them, they would just end up wasting away in my closet because I would never be able to wear them. I’m glad that they are in an exhibition because they truly are art!

  264. Daniela Says:

    These shoes are 100% 80’s Disco! Whoever said looking great hurts must have worn these shoes (just kidding!) but they do look they if you walk in them it’ll hurt! :)

  265. Poppy Driver Says:

    These boots are hot Pink.

  266. Monica Says:

    ohhhh myy gawd! these are the hottest shoes ever and i would ToTaLlY wear them all the time…lyk even to bed! LoLz. i am def coming back 2 this museum exhibit lyk ASAP. hearts and giggles <3

  267. sara Says:

    i would fall in these shoes instantly and shatter my ankles.

  268. Myrtis Says:

    unwearable but arresting…love westwood
    maybe i could wear them sitting down…

  269. Dr. Walkitout Says:

    Being a doctor, i don’t feel that these shoes are beneficial to the health of the tarsels, metatarsels, and hollox. In fact, i am sure that anyone who wears these is in for a very painful, sudden death. If you know anyone who owns these shoes, please, please tell them to dispose of them immediately in the rubbish room.

  270. Liya Says:

    i like the shoes ( :

    they’re pretty

  271. BRiiZZY Says:

    those are cute and party time shoes! i love shoes! those shows especially. those shoes are adorable. =]

  272. julia Says:

    woooowww seeexxxaaayyyy!!

  273. Elizabeth Poznyakov Says:

    This is the most amazing exhibit I have ever seen in my life!!!!!! I think that this dress is as amazing as the whole exhibit!:)

  274. miley cyrus Says:

    Can you say RETRO much?

  275. maria Says:

    i love these shoes! they are very cute but they would be painful but they are very mode.beatiful layout and design though whoever made these is a true fashion artist.

    age 12
    from florida

  276. Olivia Says:

    it’s all elegant, I couldn’t choose wich my favorite is!!!! AWSOME!!!

  277. Leigh Says:

    I would not last two seconds in these shoes, because the heels are SO tall, but the color is interesting.

  278. Kelsey Says:

    my prom shoes.

  279. Rachel Says:

    These are horrible they’re so tacky.

  280. Kay Says:

    I think some one could hurt themselves in those.

  281. Amy Says:

    I like these shoes because they are pink and have alligator texture. The heels give great height and their animated styling reminds me of my Bratz dolls.

  282. sophey and jessica Says:

    WOWWWW!!! these shoess are so hott. i would totally wear them to a prom or a banquet. they are totally in style and they will be a fashion icon, in the fashion world for a very long time. i loved seeing these in this exibit!!!!!

  283. Alvin P Says:

    With short guys (like me) around, its seems hardly fair women would have the option to wear these spectacular shoes.

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